GALLERY: The Laughlin Labyrinths stone mazes in Laughlin, NV

One of the Laughlin Labyrinths stone mazes (Gloria Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

The AmericaJR Web Team recently visited the Laughlin Labyrinths stone mazes in southern Nevada. Discover the beauty and serenity of the Laughlin desert by exploring nearby labyrinths, nine stone mazes that are both intriguing and energizing. Created by Wes Dufek, the Laughlin Labyrinths was designed to help lost souls find their peaceful center. There are nine labyrinths, each within a quarter mile radius of each other and ranging from 25 to 55 feet.

Visit the Laughlin Labyrinths at 2239-3299 Thomas Edison Dr.
Laughlin, Nevada. For more info, go to

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  1. I guess I’m not sure what they are and who made them for wha reason , very nicely displayed. Just need more information on it thank you

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