Black Friday: Batwoman‘s Camrus Johnson becomes Batwing

Camrus Johnson to play Luke Fox on "Batwoman" (The CW)

Camrus Johnson will finally be suiting up for Batwoman, as the CW release the first look of his character Luke Fox unleashing the power of the alter-ego Batwing.  The new superhero will debut on the June 27 season finale, but Luke first needs to “overcome his own personal demons”, the episode synopsis states.  

Luke Fox is the son of Lucius Fox, who served alongside Gotham billionaire Bruce Wayne during the latter’s years as the Dark Knight/Caped Crusader Batman.  Every bit as smart as well as the tech genius as his late father, Luke has also proven himself to be every bit as a hero throughout the past two seasons of Batwoman.

“Honestly”, Johnson said, “it’s hard to explain how much it means to me to wear the Batwing suit and officially play my first superhero.  The main reason I wanted to be in Batwoman was for this opportunity – to give kids like me another Black hero to look up to relate to.  It’s hard not to smile when I catch myself in the mirror with the bat symbol on my chest, and I’ll keep smiling through every fight scene, every awesome stunt, and every Gotham night where Batwing is finally in the field!”

A new episode of Batwoman, featuring the return of Arrow‘s David Ramsey as John “Dig” Diggle/Spartan, airs this Sunday.

Video by STI LOn

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