EliteSRS jump ropes, Zingari Man, Hi-Country Foods and Thrasio at 2021 White Label World Expo

EliteSRS makes custom jump ropes that can feature your company's name or logo on them. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Las Vegas — The White Label World Expo returned to the Las Vegas Convention Center for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Its described as the “ultimate trade show for online retail and emerging markets.”

Basically, it’s a bunch of online businesses looking to get their new products into physical stores. There also were seminars for small business owners and advice for selling products and services online. 

White label products are goods that can be personalized with your company’s name or logo. For example, instead of Kirkland for Costco the product label could show “abc” company. 

Jordan Lindstrom of EliteSRS introduced me to his custom jump ropes and jump rope mats.

“We sell custom, wholesale, white label jump ropes,” said Lindstrom, the CEO of Elite SRS. “As you can see, we’ve got a lot of different options. Who knew making a jump rope could be so complicated. We make it complicated and fun. We have seen over the last couple of years that a lot of companies like adding jump rope to their catalog. We white label them know. We have our brand, which is EliteSRS, but people can build their own brand or add an accessory to their brand. We just want to see what it’s like to sell to customers because we were an online-first business. We’ve never had a presence like this before. We’re kind of experimenting. We want to meet people and see what kind of response we get to building your own jump rope product.”

Heather Melton told me more about her men’s grooming products called Zingari Man. 

“We do shaving and after-shave care along with some skin care products,” said Melton, CEO of Zingari Man. “We do some body lotions, these are unscented. Some of our skin care products are unscented. We also do bath soaps, beard balms, and our biggest thing is we do traditional wet shaving soaps and then post-shaved products. We kind of gear it towards men, but actually men or women can use them. We are hoping to expand. I think that’s everybody’s goal when they come to trade shows, pick up more retailers. We are recently EU and UK certified so we can also pick up retailers abroad, it’s not just in the U.S. Hopefully, we can find our way into some more stores.”

Hi-Country Snack Foods showed off their beef jerky, dog treats, seasonings and rubs with custom labels on them. 

“We manufacture out of our small, rural facility located in Lincoln, Montana,” said Travis Byerly, owner of Hi-Country Snack Foods. “It’s a small town of less than 900 people on the edge of the Scapegoat and Bob Marshall wilderness areas. A very cool spot so we know jerky and meat snacks. We’ve got a blend of custom seasonings and rubs that we custom formulate for rubbing up the meat, slobbering it up and smoking it. We’re meeting up with retailers here and other manufacturers and producers that want to highlight unique product or something different, put their label on it. We might have our Bison in it but it’s branded for them.”

Do you have a popular Amazon business? Thrasio is a company that will purchase it from you so you can move on to your next great business idea. 

“We take the approach of really trying to be involved in the community, talk to people, make friendships,” said Jordan Dekker, director of product reviews at Thrasio. “I’ve been in this business for eight years. I just have lifelong friends that I’ve met at conferences and events like this. E-commerce is a lonely business, if you will, where you are at your house or your office by yourself doing this thing that’s kind of global, right? It can be kind of lonely. To have those relationships, to me, is just very valuable. I think it’s a big reason why Thrasio is where it is. Our goal is to buy the company so that the owner or entrepreneur can get out completely. Ideally, they work on their next brand. A lot of these sellers will have multiple brands. We’ll buy one and eventually they’re ready to sell the other one and go from there.”

The United States Postal Service (USPS) even had a booth to help small businesses with their shipping and logistics needs. 

It was very interesting to see online businesses come together and have a physical presence at the White Label World Expo. It brought together thousands of people that may never have met otherwise.

Next up: The White Label Expo heads to the Javits Convention Center in New York City from Sept. 30 through Oct. 1. For more information about that event, visit https://www.whitelabelexponyc.com/

Video by Jason Rzucidlo / AmericaJR

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