The Accidentals To Perform FREE Concert With The Kaboom Collective In Canton’s Heritage Park

The Accidentals pose with student orchestra, The Kaboom Collective.

Canton, Mich. – On Friday, August 12, 2022, Michigan’s own “The Accidentals”, featuring multi-instrumentalists Sav Buist, Katie Larson, and Michael Dause, will perform a free concert with the Kaboom Collective, a 40-piece student orchestra, in Canton’s Heritage Park.

This special summer concert is slated to begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Heritage Park Amphitheater, located behind the Canton Administrative Building at 1150 S. Canton Center Road in Canton, MI.

This Nashville-based, critically-acclaimed trio is currently touring with The Kaboom Collective throughout the U.S. to promote their collaborative album called “Reimagined,” which was released earlier this year. 

A partnership was formed between the two groups when Liza Grossman, Conductor and Director of the Kaboom Student Orchestra, reached out to The Accidentals about recording one of their songs with her orchestra. That process allowed Sav and Katie to work with an orchestra on a whole other level.  The Accidentals would provide basic tracks and Liza’s students would score, arrange and record ten Accidentals songs alongside industry professionals who would guide their creation in a supportive, encouraging way. That album would be released, and a tour would be arranged for The Accidentals with the Kaboom Student Orchestra. During this tour, students will also have the opportunity to learn about tour management, sound engineering, merchandising, stage crew, hospitality, promotion, marketing, press, and more. 

The Kaboom Collective makes music, but also much more. The 40-member Kaboom Studio Orchestra is a Hollywood-style industry ensemble that performs and records all of the music at Kaboom. From video game soundtracks to studio albums; from animation scores, to live performances, students in the Studio Orchestra work closely with each other and a team of professional musicians, educators, and producers to bring new works and productions to life. Musicians aged 15-25 work under the tutelage of award-winning educator Liza Grossman, as well as members of the collective — a group of 50+ professional musicians, seasoned producers, recording engineers, composers, and production experts. Students also receive liner notes and IMDb credit for their work. Kaboom Collective was co-founded by Joseph Weagraff and Grossman, a project empowered by the duo’s combined industry and educational experience. 

The inception of The Accidentals began when Katie Larson and Sav Buist met in their high school orchestra and became a band after witnessing an immersive workshop by two women that played the same instruments they did. Seeing the possibilities firsthand gave them the courage and empowerment to pursue music beyond the orchestra.  After 10 years as a band, multiple major and indie label deals and touring over 5000 live shows and festivals, The Accidentals started their own non-profit called Play It Forward Again and Again to provide opportunities for students to experience the inspiration that launched their careers.

Don’t miss The Accidentals’ collaboration with students of The Kaboom Collective Studio Orchestra that is sure to delight audiences from start to finish.

For more information about this special performance, visit or call 734/394-5300. Preview The Accidentals’ music and learn more about the trio at

Source: City of Canton, Michigan

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