Circa Sports hosts 2022 football sports betting panel discussion

Pictured from left to right: Brian Urlacher, Shaun King, Chris Bennett and Adam Chernoff (photo by Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Las Vegas — Circa Sports hosted its third annual football preview which included a sports betting panel discussion on Saturday evening in downtown Las Vegas. It featured two former pro football players and two sports betting experts. The special event was hosted by Mike Palm, vice president of operations at Circa.

Brian Urlacher is a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears. He played college football for the New Mexico Lobos. Urlacher is an eight-time Pro Bowler and was named to NFL’s All-Decade Team of the 2000’s.

“I have no advantage when I bet football,” Urlacher told the crowd. “It’s so hard. It drives me crazy when I bet and know I’m on the wrong side. Not a lot of guys I know net. I don’t pay attention to the kickers honestly. The analytics are a huge part of the game. That plays a big part. In the locker room, all you care about is wins.”

Shaun King is a former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Gladiators and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. He is now a top podcaster and shares over 20 years of experience as a football analyst and host of “The Night Cap” on VSIN.

“Former players do have a situational advantage,” King said about sports betting. “You do kind of have some insight into that. When I’m looking at special teams, I look at who the head coach is. The bright side is after this terrible season…I think the Bears have the most cap space.” 

Adam Chernoff is a sports betting industry veteran with experience as an oddsmaker and a professional better. He currently serves as a senior content strategist for the sports betting website Covers.

When asked about being a better or a handicapper, Chernoff answered: “It is very difficult to do both today. There are different states that have different laws. Some people excel at one or the other. I’m much more on the handicapping side because I enjoy that more. I think the Bears have the chance to be the worst team in football.” 

Chris Bennett is the manager of the Circa sportsbook, a position he’s held since April 2019. He oversees all bookmaking operations for Circa sports books across the Las Vegas valley and beyond.

“I am most concerned about…once we go to the highest limits that’s when we get concerned,” Bennett explained. “I think the teams understand the value of special teams. The betting public absolutely hates the Chicago Bears for this upcoming season. We got them 300-1 to win the Super Bowl. They are interested in having them the most losses in a season.”

Former linebacker Brian Urlacher (left) and former quarterback Shaun King (right) share some laughs at the 2022 Circa Sports football preview. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Here is a sampling of the question-and-answer session that took place:

Q: Who is the hardest running back to tackle?

Brian Urlacher: “Ricky Williams. We had some good collisions. Ricky was always hard because of his speed and power. I think the Bears will do better this year. I know one thing for sure, they’re gonna play really good defense.” 

Q: Are there any football bets for first half of props where the books aren’t as sharp? 

Adam Chernoff: “Definitely in props for sure. It’s difficult to react to all of the news. That’s why the limits are lower.” 

Q: Who are the best coaches to bet in the second half?

Brain Urlacher: “I’ll take [Bill] Belichick for any half. They just keep the gas pedal down.” 

Adam Chernoff: “Each coach is a good or a bad bet depending on if they are leading or trailing.” 

Chris Bennett: “It’s more about which coach do I want to bet against? You know they’re going to blow the lead.” 

Q: Is there ever a good time to buy the hook?

Adam Chernoff: “It depends on the total. How much your book is charging you? In general, most books have it figured out.” 

Chris Bennett: “It’s all about the price you’re paying for and what it’s valued at.” 

Q: Do you guys play fantasy football all?

Shaun King: “I play in one league with a group of friends.” 

Q: The Colts have underperformed. Is Matt Ryan the answer?

Adam Chernoff: “They’re my bet to win the Super Bowl. Matt Ryan–they finally have an adult in the locker room. Everything we’ve heard from all of the players this season is how much of a leader Matt Ryan is. Indy has the easiest schedule of any team in the league.” 

Chris Bennett: “I do think the Colts have a lot of potential for this season. It is a really tough conference that they’re in. I feel like there were several games with a two touchdown lead where they coughed it up. It could be their downfall again.”

Q: Talk about the significance of coaches.

Shaun King: “It’s huge. To me the job of the head coach is to lead the men.”

Brian Urlacher: “It was just nice to have a head coach to tell me the truth. That’s all you want as a player.”

The 2022 Circa Football Preview was one of the first events to take place inside the brand new meeting and conventions area. It features 35,000 square foot of exhibit space and a 1,600-square-foot outdoor terrace.

For more information about Circa’s Million IV and Survivor football contests, go to

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