The Village Theater at Cherry Hill To Feature Exhibition of Works by Artist Janet L. Kondziela

"Bottles, Cat, and Beetle" by Janet L. Kondziela (photo courtesy of artist)

Canton, MI – The Village Theater at Cherry Hill is proud to present the featured works of artist Janet L. Kondziela in a unique exhibit, entitled “The World of Janet,” in The Gallery at Cherry Hill now through January 3, 2023.

Artist Janet L. Kondziela is inspired by the world around her and her exhibition displays this through portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. Kondziela believes “these days, my interest is in capturing the essence of a moment, the play of light on a surface, the beauty of an ordinary object or the character of a person.”

This Dearborn native was encouraged to pursue a life as an artist at the age of eight after she was given an assignment to paint a life-sized portrait of “what we want to be when we grew up”. At the time, Kondziela wanted to be a nun. However, after looking at her finished portrait she recounts, “when I saw how beautiful the colors looked next to each other and what a pure joy it was to place them on the paper, I immediately changed my mind as to my future, from nun to artist and never looked back.” 

“Jessica in Blue” by Janet L. Kondziela

A variety of Kondziela’s works, including easel paintings, are held internationally in private collections as well as Postal Murals on display at the U.S. Post Office, located at 1401 W. Fort Street in Detroit, MI, and the Postal Service Great Lakes Area Office in Bloomington, Illinois. She is presently a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors, the Downriver Arts Association, and the Northville Art House. In addition, she currently serves as the President of the Artists’ Society of Dearborn.

When asked why she paints and draws, Kondziela states, “I do it because I’m compelled to communicate what I see around me every day – the beauty of the colors, the light, the person’s expression revealing their character. But truth be told, I also paint because when I do, I’m as happy as the eight-year-old who just discovered the wonderful and exciting world of art.”

This art exhibit at The Gallery at Cherry Hill is free and open to the public during gallery hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Thursday and Friday from 4 to 8 p.m.; during all public performances; or by special appointment arranged via email to

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill, located at 50400 Cherry Hill Road in Canton, MI, 48187, is a regional center for the arts that offers the magic of live theatre, soul-stirring music, the thrill of dance, and the enjoyment of fine art exhibitions and events, in addition to providing a home for several cultural organizations and community groups. For more information about this latest exhibition, please call 734/394-5300 or visit

Source: The Village Theater at Cherry Hill

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