CES Unveiled: Aiper cordless pool cleaner, Y-brush tooth brush and Kohler smart shower heads

Kohler Anthem and Statement smart shower heads at CES Unveiled. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Las Vegas — Nearly 200 companies–made up of established brands and start-up companies–exhibited at the 2023 edition of CES Unveiled. The official media preview for CES took place on Tuesday evening inside the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

A clean water pathfinder. An electric super bike. A mini dishwasher called Bob. Those were just three of the products that were on display at CES Unveiled.

A company called Aiper introduced their cordless robotic pool cleaners. There are four models: SE, Plus, Pro and Elite Pro. The Seagull Pro model won a CES Innovation Award for 2023. They can clean pools from 850 square feet up to 1,300 square feet.

“It has a quad-motor system which allows it to have two intakes and two outtakes for your water,” said Brent Korner, general manager of Aiper in North America. “It also has a navigation system. Think about an underwater GPS. It’s called our wavepath technology. It maps the pool and says, I know where to clean every time we start cleaning. You plug it in, drop it in the pool and let it go. It runs for up to three hours. Think about it like your phone. You charge your phone everyday…same thing with this.”

Dentists typically recommend to brush your teeth for two whole minutes. But a French company called Y-Brush has come up with a solution to shorten that time to just 10 seconds. Yes, just 10 seconds!

“You’re going to brush all of your teeth at the same time,” said Virginie Golicheff, chief marketing officer at Y-Brush. “How it works? Thanks to the sonic vibration and the bristle and the wide shape for the brush. First, wet the brush, put the toothpaste, put in your mouth, back and forth. Five seconds on the top and five seconds on the bottom and it’s over. This is a French product. It has been developed with dentists. We have four patents on the product. You have to change the brush every six months.”

Kohler showed off their new Anthem and Statement smart shower heads. They can feature two separate temperature settings —- one for the left side and another for the right. It allows the user to rinse with warm and cool water at the same time for hydrotherapy benefits. The Statement shower head features a low-flow spray which will use up to 40 percent less water.

“With Statement and Anthem, you’re really about a wellness experience,” said Alfred Richardson, an associate director at Kohler Co. “The Anthem digital control allows you to control up to six different outlets, dual temperature control as well as flow rate. It also has a sustainability story, being able to control how much water you’re using at the end of each cycle. With the Statement collection, you are controlling the different types of sprays that you are going to use. Between the body sprays, deep massage, the overflow sprays, the catalyst spray. It’s really about giving that wellness, spa-like experience into your space.”

A company called Whill showed off an autonomous power chair. It is basically a power chair that is being sold commercially. These are being tested at airports in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and Toronto. 

For more info about Aiper pool cleaners, visit www.aiper.com.

For more info about Y-Brush tooth brushes, visit www.y-brush.com.

For more info about Kohler smart shower heads, visit www.kohler.com.

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-video by Jason Rzucidlo / AmericaJR

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