Review: ‘Dixie’s Tupperware Party’ is hilarious at Detroit’s Music Hall

Photo © Bradford Rogne

Detroit — “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” played at Detroit’s Music Hall for one night only, Saturday, May 6, 2023.

This performance is about a Drag Queen, named Dixie Longate, who is in a one-woman (man) show.  Kris Andersson is the writer and star of the show. 

Dixie, who is a fast talking, gum chewing, redhead and hails from Mobile, Alabama with a thick southern accent.  She wears a red and white-striped party dress with matching red heels.  And yes she is actually hosting a live Tupperware Party.

She begins to display all the features of the Tupperware collection, from bowls that burp to can openers and collapsible bowls.

Dixie Longate was introduced to Tupperware by her parole officer.  She has three kids, and when she got out of jail, they gave her kids back.  “Really?? They gave them back to me,” she says.

Tupperware was founded in the 1940’s and instead of sitting on store shelves, Brownie Wise was the woman who created the Tupperware Party, bringing them into your living rooms. 

When inventor/CEO Earl Tupper learned of her success, he appointed her Vice President of Tupperware Home Parties.  When she became famous and made him millions, Tupper kicked her to the curb and said you are no longer needed.  Wise died in 1992 but the parties continued.

Bowls, corkscrews (even a child can use it) and measuring cups with metric measurements (so you can make foreign foods) have numbers in Tupperware’s catalog for your shopping ease.

The show had an interactive vibe with audience members coming on stage and demonstrating how easy it is to use Tupperware.  There was also a sing-a-long to Dixie’s theme song, “I’ve got that Tupper feeling all over me.”

I was surprised that she had the audience in stitches on a constant basis.  Andersson’s timing was impeccable.  Her high octane energy kept the audience on their toes.  This hysterical performance is definitely a fun night out and also keeps your food fresher.  Haha.

“Dixie’s Tupperware Party” continues on tour to the following cities: Van Buren, AR (June 3), Winter Garden, FL (June 15-17), Akron, OH (July 14-15), and Galveston, TX (Aug. 5).

For tickets and more info, go to:

video by Dixie’s Tupperware Party

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