Musical Review: Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ is a crowd pleaser at Detroit’s Fisher Theatre

Senzel Ahmady as Jasmine and Adi Roy as Aladdin. Photo by Deen van Meer. ©Disney

Detroit — Disney’s “Aladdin” was spectacular.  It is now playing at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit from May 9-14, 2023.  The hit musical is based on the Academy Award-winning animated film and was a big hit on Broadway.

Aladdin is a story about a poor young boy (Adi Roy) who lives on the streets of the Arabian desert and constantly steals food.  He dreams about getting out of poverty and finding the love of his life.

Princess Jasmine (Senzel Ahmady) is upset that her father wants her to marry a prince under the law, rather than for love.  She escapes the Palace and is saved by Aladdin.  Jafar (Anand Nagraj) is a ruthless man and seeks a lamp hidden within the Cave of Wonders.  He wants Aladdin to search for it for him.

Aladdin finds it, rubs it as smoke appears, and a genie (Marcus M. Martin) emerges from the lamp.  The genie’s coolness and swagger is felt by the audience.  He is one hip dude.  The genie grants Aladdin three wishes.   The first wish is that he wants to be a prince, so he can court Jasmine.

Jafar is eventually gets captured by Jafar and thrown into a dungeon.  Aladdin’s second wish is to be freed from the chains.  As he is freed, he reunites his relationship with Jasmine and takes her on a magic carpet ride while singing the infamous song, “A Whole New World.”

Aladdin used his third wish to free the genie.  The genie appears on stage in a Hawaiian shirt and luggage, on his way to Hawaii.

So did Aladdin finally reveal his true identity to Jasmine?  And did their love story have a happy ending? 

There was a 20-minute intermission between the Acts.  Their costume designs were colorful and sparkly.  The choreography was energetic in their dance routines. 

There were several show-stopping production numbers such as:  “Diamond in the Rough,”  “Friend like Me,” and “A Whole New World.”  There was some smoke during the performance.   If you love Disney and all its magic, this musical is for you.  “Aladdin” will rub you in a great way.

By the way, in the ensemble, there was a Michigan connection.  Cameron Sirian grew up in Novi, MI and attended Walled Lake Western High School and played one of the henchmen.

Performance times for Aladdin, appearing May 9-14, 2023, at the Fisher Theatre located at 3011 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit MI are:

  • Tuesday through Saturday evening performances at 7:30 p.m. 
  • Saturday matinee performance at 2:00 p.m.   
  • Sunday matinee performance at 1:00 p.m.   
  • Sunday evening performance at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets for Aladdin start at $35 (includes facility and parking fees) and can be purchased online at, or in person at the Fisher Theatre box office.

video by Disney on Broadway

Marcus M. Martin as Genie, Adi Roy as Aladdin and Company. Photo by Deen van Meer ©Disney

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