3 In 4 Americans Would Like To Eat BBQ Every Week, But These Are The Barriers To Grilling

Surprising insights reinforce need to increase accessibility of grilling. (Graphic by Brisk It)

LOS ANGELES — Brisk It, the smart grill for everyone, today announced the results of their 1st Annual Grilling Sentiment Survey, with some surprising insights on how age and gender impact people’s perceptions and attitudes about grilling. Key highlights of the survey include:

  • The BBQ Gap 
    While 75% of respondents would enjoy eating BBQ at least every week, 47% are discouraged by the expertise or effort they think grilling requires.
  • Men worry about cost less 
    Men are 39% less likely than women to consider the cost of a new grill a big problem.
  • Women see expertise as a barrier more 
    Women are 62% more likely than men to be discouraged by the perception of a minimum expertise needed to grill well.
  • Younger men less willing to invest time
    Men aged 19-44 are 2.8 times less likely to be willing to invest the time, and are more discouraged about the time and effort it takes to prepare and grill meat.

“Our survey shows how big the gap is between people who love to eat BBQ, and those who feel confident grilling,” said Christopher Huang, Founder & CEO of Brisk It Grills. “That’s why I founded Brisk It – I wanted to apply smart tech to make grilling so simple that everyone could do it. After all, why should we have self-driving cars and not self-cooking grills?”

This commitment to making grilling accessible to everyone has led the company to focus on using AI to automatically adapt to unexpected issues like flameouts and even compensate for mistakes, like adjusting temperature if the user forgets to wrap the meat in foil.

“I just received my Brisk It last week and I am in love with it already. I can’t believe how easy it is to turn out reliably delicious food. There are preloaded recipes in the app and you can send it directly to the grill so that it automatically cooks the food for you. That makes this grill perfect for absolute beginners all the way up to pitmasters.” – SEAN K., LONG BEACH, CA

The Origin 580 Smart Grill, along with pellets, accessories, recipes, and more, is available for purchase at briskitgrills.com. To learn more about Brisk It Grills, follow us on YouTubeTikTokInstagram, or Facebook.

Brisk It Grills was founded in 2020 with a vision of making an “easy button” for grilling. We’re leveraging advanced AI to give everyone the ability to enjoy delicious home-cooked BBQ, regardless of skill level, preferences, or free time. Our flagship product, the Origin 580 Smart Grill, combines traditional wood pellet smoking with smart technologies to maximize delicious smoked flavor the first time, and every time.

Source: Brisk It Labs, Inc.

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