1928 Auburn Speedster 8-115 featured at 2023 Detroit Concours d’Elegance

This 1928 Auburn Speedster 8-115 is owned by Dick Harding. (Jerome Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Detroit — The 2023 Detroit Concours d’Elegance arrived in the Motor City today and is located on the grounds of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).  What a great day for a car show!

I walked through the beautiful grounds and what I saw was a vision.  I spotted a 1928 Auburn Speedster 8-115 in forest green that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of.  The owner, Dick Harding, says there was only 222 built.  This one has a Lycoming engine with 115 horsepower straight eight.  It is a manual transmission and he has no idea on the miles per gallon.  “I have 100 some miles on it,” says Harding.

“1928 is the first year for the Auburn Speedster.  If you look closely, it has a golf bag door, yes you can put your golf clubs in  there.  I don’t even golf,” quipped Harding.

There is no trunk but he also noted there is a metal kick plate to scrape the mud off before stepping in the vehicle.  “The little headlights in the front turns with the wheel, yet it has no turn signal lights,” he added.

“There is a central lubrication system which needs no grease job.  It holds oil, and when you step on the pedal on the firewall, it activates the tank then greases the car.  It’s automatic,” says Harding. “I finished restoration on it two years ago.”

I can see he is real proud of the vehicle and what a beaut it is.  I love the boat tail rear end.  The Auburn Speedster is an American car, manufactured by the Auburn Automobile Company of Auburn, Indiana. 

For more info about the Detroit Concours d’Elegance visit: https://www.detroitconcours.com.

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