Tuesday Two: “Arrow” marks its final season with “Flash” as lead-in

"The Flash" and "Arrow" on the CW

This fall, Tuesdays will belong to “The Brave and The Bold” of the CW with The Flash and Arrow.

A spin-off of ArrowThe Flashfollows the legacy of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), the scientist who was struck by lightning: giving him the ability to become the Fastest Man Alive.  With the aid of his family and friends from S.T.A.R. Labs, he offers protection, hope and light against criminal and meta-human threats as the hero who saves Central City that can not only move faster than a speeding bullet, but can move faster than the speed of lightning.  Inspiring people to believe in the impossible, Barry Allen is more than a guardian angel.  Barry Allen is the Flash.

Airing after Flash is the final season of Arrow with Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, who survived five years of hell – and six months in prison – with only one goal: to save Star City.  On a crusade to right his family’s wrongs as well his own, Oliver Queen suits up as the Emerald Archer known as the Green Arrow, a masked Robin Hood who aims for justice against those who’ve failed the people of the city. 

Finally breaking free of his family’s legacy of violence, Oliver Queen finally cemented his own legacy with the help of his merry band of heroes who will continue to keep fighting for Star City with the Mark of Four: courage, compassion, selflessness, and loyalty.  The final 10-episode season finds Oliver undergoing of what it means to be a hero when he goes on his most dangerous mission ever: forcing him to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the multiverse.

Arrow and Flash led to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which will return mid-season in early 2020.  Along with Batwoman and Supergirl, all three will be part of the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event set to premiere sometime later this year.

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