LG unveils new air purifiers, laptops, refrigerators and TVs at CES 2021

LG unveiled its all-new PuriCare wearable air purifier masks during CES 2021. (Photo: LG)

On Monday, LG unveiled its latest air purifiers, laptops, refrigerators, televisions, and more new gadgets during its press conference at the first-ever digital CES 2021. The South Korean electronics company’s presentation was titled “LG: Life is ON… Make Yourself @ Home.”

The video began with a montage with the words on the screen: “We live in a time when many of the things we once took for granted now seem like distant memories.” It showed closed businesses, kids attending school at home on the internet, people wearing masks and people doing zoom/skype conversations with their friends and family.

“The meaning of  home has changed completely over the past year,” said Jin-hong Kim, SVP and Head of LG’s Global Marketing Center. “Our recent experience has redefined what it means to be at home. We are about exploring new possibilities for those essential values of home. Ensuring safety with incredible appliances with personal and environmental care. Improving convenience as you will see with our amazing laptops and monitors. And of course, transforming your entertainment experience through our unparalleled OLED offerings.”

The electronics company unveiled:

Next-Gen LG PuriCare air purification machines with high-performance filters and sensor-controlled fans to deliver optimal breathing comfort. Also, a portable wearable air purifier that looks like a clear plastic face mask. A miniature version is also available that you can carry in your hand or place in your purse or bag.

LG CordZero vacuums with five-step HEPA filtration that captures 99.9% of dust and dirt

-Reimagined LG side-by-side refrigerators with LG InstaView Door-in-Door technology. The window’s width was increased by 23 percent so consumers can see what’s inside more easily. The interior illuminates with two knocks on the door.

LG WashTower is a single unit washer on the bottom and dryer on the top. It features a center control panel that displays both washer and dryer controls making it easier to reach. The TurboWash 360 function allows consumers to wash their clothes in less than 30 minutes. It includes AI (artificial intelligence) technology to detect fabric texture and load size and then automatically selects the correct wash mode and drying temp.

-LG OLED TVs with new panel technology, powerful processors with AI capabilities, and a redesigned webOS user experience. LG OLED evo from the G1 Gallery Series offers high brightness, high clarity. There are three variations: a 55-inch model, a 65-inch model and the top of the line 77-inch model.

-Redesigned LG MagicRemote with dedicated buttons for AI, streaming services and NFC Magic Tap technology to transfer content from your TV to your smartphone and vice versa.

-LG QNED MiniLED TVs with smaller and more precise details made up of 30,000 LEDs and 2,500 unique dimming zones. It will come in 4K and 8K variations with screen sizes from 65-86 inches.

-LG CLOi UV-C Robots that go around high traffic areas like hotels and use UV lights to reduce exposure to harmful germs. It features autonomous navigation to move on its own.

-2021 LG Gram laptop with a 16:10 aspect ratio, 2560×1600 resolution and an Intel Evo core processor. It features fingerprint recognition for powerup and login.

“Today, we are proud to introduce to you our 2021 innovations,” said Peggy Ang, head of LG’s U.S. Brand Marketing. “Every innovation was developed with two key insights in mind. First, how we live in our homes has changed. The kitchen is the new creative space for side hustles to begin. Second, we continue to prioritize and redefine what health and wellness means. Today, more than ever the foundation for this is a clean home.”

LG has already won 26 CES Innovation Awards for their new products and inventions this year.

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LG OLED TVs – G1 and C1 series (Photo by LG)
LG Magic Remote (Photo by LG)
LG CordZero ThinQ Vacuum (Photo by LG)
LG gram laptops (Photo by LG)
LG CLOi cleaning robot (Photo by LG)
LG WashTower washer and dryer combo unit (Photo by LG)
Reimagined LG side-by-side refrigerators with LG InstaView Door-in-Door technology. (Photo by LG)