Fan Favorite Friday: Jason & Elizabeth, aka General Hospital’s “Liason”

He saved her from herself.  She saved him from death.  From there came “the greatest love story never told”.

On August 27, 1999, General Hospital‘s hitman with a heart Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and bad girl turned heroine Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) found each other at the bar Jake’s.  It is where Jason came to the aid of Elizabeth, who was still mourning over the “death” of her boyfriend Lucky Spencer, the son of legendary supercouple Luke (Anthony Geary) & Laura (Genie Francis).  It is also where Elizabeth helped Jason deal with giving up custody of little Michael to his brother AJ.  

Since then, Jason & Elizabeth been on motorcycle rides, Jason teaching Elizabeth how to play pool, Elizabeth showing Jason The Canvas, painting the wind, and so on, and “Liason” was born.  From over two decades, their fans have love the sweet, sexy tension between the two: including their almost kiss in the spring of 2001, with Jason’s “Don’t you know what you are to me?” to Elizabeth.  

It was 15 years ago this month that Jason & Elizabeth shared their “Night of Passion” (NOP), which led to them conceiving their son Jacob Martin, who was born on May 2007.  Other favorite Liason moments in 2007 includes them saying “I love you” to each other after eight years; finding comfort and solace in each other over the deaths of Jason’s sister and Elizabeth’s best friend Emily Quartermaine, and Georgie Jones; their safehouse, and their short-lived engagement in 2008.

Whether it be Jason’s dangerous mob lifestyle and/or being with other people, Jason & Elizabeth always had bad timing.  Even they were at odds from time to time, there is always an connection, a bond, a trust, and a friendship between them that still could have led to more.
Jason & Elizabeth remains “Ours To Keep”

Video courtesy: “General Hospital” / ABC

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