WATCH: Attendee interviews at 2022 Los Angeles Auto Show

Attendee Eric Wang is an aerospace engineer at UCLA. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

AmericaJR’s Jason Rzucidlo reports from the Los Angeles Convention Center for the 2022 LA Auto Show. The 115th anniversary auto show continues through Sunday, Nov. 27. There are concept cars, 2024 production models and dozens of test drives! In this video, watch for exclusive interviews with car enthusiasts at the auto show. You’ll hear from Eric Wang, an aerospace engineer at UCLA; Ian and Lenny Korob from Los Angeles; Denys Metelskyy from Thousand Oaks, CA; and Marko Manojlovic from San Bernardino, CA.

-video by Jason Rzucidlo / AmericaJR

The LA Auto Show wraps up on Sunday, Nov. 27. For tickets and more info, go to

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