2024 Ford F-150 hybrid truck debuts at Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS)

The all-new 2024 Ford F-150 hybrid pickup truck at the Detroit Auto Show. (Gloria Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Detroit — The 2024 Ford F-150 hybrid is one rad vehicle.  It was first unveiled at Hart Plaza on Tuesday evening but now it is on display at the Detroit Auto Show.  

Ford dominates the hybrid pickup truck market with the F-150 and Maverick combined.  They take home three-quarters of the hybrid pickup share at 77 percent with Toyota second at 23 percent.  Ford hybrid truck sales are up 28.1 percent just in the first half of 2023.  That’s pretty impressive.

While speaking with Product Specialist Tyler, he states this one pictured is the Platinum edition with a PowerBoost 3.5 liter V-6 engine, the most power on demand of any gas powered pickup in its class.  It also runs on regular unleaded gas.  There was no range or miles per gallon at this time.

“My favorite feature is the swing tailgate door, also called Pro Access Tailgate.  This tailgate door swings open on the left side with the hinge on the right, shortening the distance for reaching into the bed,” says Tyler.

“Also the Ford F-150 hybrid has the Pro Power feature which allows you to charge personal devices, and power construction equipment such as circular saws, etc. through the many plugs in the bed and cabin.”

Tyler also stated that the Pro Trailer Assist can tow up to 14,000 pounds.  The backup assist is also useful when backing up a trailer that is connected to your Ford.  There is a circular knob inside the cabin which turns left or right in the direction the trailer needs to go and the system controls the steering wheel for easy maneuvering.

“Another huge feature is the exterior body which is made of aluminum.  Ford started using aluminum bodies in 2015 which makes the vehicle lighter and made more durable.  Also, the power running board comes down automatically when you open the door,” says Tyler.

“The interior has Miko suede which looks elegant and easy to clean.  My favorite feature is the seats can recline to a sleeper position; completely flat for quick naps.  The inner center console can be used as a work surface table for laptops as it folds down flat.  All you have to do is lower the gearshift lever, then pull up the flat console work surface,” added Tyler.

“The Blue Cruise is another great feature where you can drive hands free in blue zones and the highway.  A camera monitors eye gaze and head position to help ensure the driver’s eyes remain on the road.  Ford also has an exit warning system for when you open the door and a bicycle passes, it alerts you to avoid an accident.”

Also this Ford F-150 hybrid is equipped with a high-end B & O (Bang & Olufsen) audio sound system.  B & O is made in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It offers 18 speakers and powered by 1080 watts.  The sound sensation is relaxing and stimulating.

Tyler says, in short, that the Ford F-150 hybrid is best in class in towing and payload in my opinion.  “It excels in technology, the styling is different and is more attractive in comparison to the competition.   Ford F-Series is the best selling truck in America for 46 consecutive years, and if you are looking for the best in the industry, Ford is the one.

For more info about the 2024 Ford F-150 hybrid truck, visit: https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2023/09/12/the-new-2024-ford-f-150–a-built-ford-tough-truck-that-is-smart-.html

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