WATCH: Sheila Wenzel shares her heartwarming story at Go Red for Women LA

Passion speaker Sheila Wenzel’s Jason Rzucidlo reports from inside the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios Hollywood for the 11th Annual Go Red for Women Luncheon. Hear from talent agent Sheila Wenzel who says she was experiencing symptoms of a heart attack one day and almost died. Her heart was beating 300 times per minute — five beats per second. Doctors traced the problem to a heart defect Wenzel was born with called ventricular tachycardia, or “v-tach.” The primary doctor realized Wenzel was “a ticking time bomb” and recruited a prominent surgeon to examine her case. The doctor performed 10 “burns” to fix the trouble spot on her heart; he’d never done more than five on any patient. The next morning, Wenzel woke up with a properly functioning heart.