New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day” 5/26

This week’s questions:

1) What city was the first in the U.S. to have a subway?

2) Who was the first performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times?

3) What was controversial about the U.S. postage stamps issued to honor journalist Edward R. Murrow, artist Jackson Pollock, and blues guitarist Robert Johnson?

4) What is the name of the three-day music festival held annually on the banks of Loch Ness, home of Scotland’s fabled Loch Ness monster?

5) In what sport does a cesta play a key role?


This week’s answers:

1) Boston, in 1987. Its subway was 1 1/2 miles long and initially transported passengers on trolley cars.

2) Eric Clapton. He was inducted into the hall in 1992 as a member of the Yardbirds; in 1993 as a member of Cream; and in 2000 as a solo artist.

3) Their designs were all based on photos showing the honored individual with a cigarette, but the cigarettes were airbrushed out of existence on the stamps. The 29-cent Murrow and Johnson stamps were issued in 1994; the 33-cent Pollock stamp, in 1999.

4) RockNess.

5) Jay alai. The cesta is the curved wicker basket that players use to catch and throw the ball (aka pelota). Cesta is Spanish for “basket.”

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