PHOTOS: 2015 OC Fair Highlights — Part Two

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The 2015 OC Fair is celebrating it’s history over the past 125 years from its beginnings in 1889. “One Big Party” is this year’s official theme. Outdoor ice skating, Caviar Twinkies, sand sculptures, craft beer, a 5K fun run, a cattle drive and a Krispy Kreme triple-decker burger make up new additions to the fair. At Fairenheit 32, guests can enjoy ice skating on real ice at the fair. A great way to cool off on these hot summer days in SoCal. You can go from 90 degrees outside to 0 degrees inside in a matter of seconds when you step inside the new ice museum. It was a big hit for fair goers. The most popular ice sculpture is of a dragon on the way out. Of course, it’s free with fair admission. The OC Fair wrapped up on Sunday, August 16th.

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