MORE PHOTOS: A Tour of the newly renovated Petersen Automotive Museum — Final Set

Car lovers rejoice! Start your engines and head to The Petersen Automotive Museum on L.A.’s Miracle Mile. It is back open following a $90 million renovation that lasted 13 straight months. Everything is brand new from the inside to the outside. A special grand opening ceremony was held on Thursday, December 3rd just a few days after the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show closed for the season. “We thought, you know what, we need to keep up,” said Leslie Kendall, a curator at the museum. “We need to do something different. We need to communicate our message in ways that we’ve not been doing for a while. Instead of gigantic dioramas, we’re kind of taking that car out the context. We’re putting cars in a place where they can be studied individually. They can take as deep of dive as they want into any particular topic. It’s how people learn today and that’s what we wanted to do.”