Movie Review: ‘How to Be Single’ is perfect for singles on Valentine’s Day

Dakota Johnson plays Alice, a recent college grad who decides to split up from her longtime boyfriend Josh. She moves to New York City and accepts a job as a paralegal. That’s where she meets Robin, a wild co-worker played by Rebel Wilson. They end up partying night after night and have the time of their lives.

Alice hooks up with several other guys then decides to go back to her old boyfriend. However, he found another girl and was no longer available. So she kept on partying with Robin and her other friends.

Robin is hilarious. I laughed so hard when she jumped on the window of the taxi cab multiple times. Then, she climbed out of the window when the other woman was getting ready to have a baby.

Will Alice find a new boyfriend or just stay single for the rest of her life? That’s something you’ll find out when you go see the movie.

“How to Be Single” is rated R for sexual content and strong language throughout. It is 1 hour and 50 minutes long. The film is based on the book by the same name by Liz Tuccillo. Drew Barrymore served as one the producers for the movie. Scenes for this film were shot in and around New York City.

I really enjoyed this movie. It provided lots to laugh about. I think it will do well at the box office.




“How to Be Single” movie poster (Warner Bros. Pictures)

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