Movie review: ‘Miracles from Heaven’ is inspiring and enjoyable

Jennifer Garner stars as Christy Beam in “Miracles from Heaven,” a new movie being released by Sony Pictures. Her 12-year-old daughter, Anna (played by Kylie Rogers), suffers a digestive disorder and is not able to eat normally. She relies on a feeding tube to survive.

The film is based on a true story and a novel by the same name. It was adapted from the book by Christy Wilson Beam.

I also have acid reflux and that was one of the reasons why I decided to see “Miracles from Heaven.” So I can kind of relate to what Anna was going through. I wanted to learn what helped her feel better.

The film is based on the novel “Miracles from Heaven” by Christy Wilson Beam (Hachette Books)

The movie opens with a shot of animals and plants on a farmhouse. Anna’s father, Kevin (Martin Henderson), operates a veterinary hospital with five dogs, two or three cows and other livestock. Then, we see Christy putting her kids to bed one at a time.

Anna starts throwing up and having digestive problems. Doctor after doctor, the family is given different excuses. First, they said she was lactose intolerant then it was acid reflux. However, mom wasn’t believing that.

Christy decided to fly across the country to Boston with her daughter to see one of the top pediatricians for stomach problems. Anna and her mom showed up without an appointment begging for help. The new secretary finally gave in and scheduled an appointment with the top doctor the following morning.

After several treatments, it seemed like nothing was working. Anna and her mom returned to Texas. That’s when her older sister asked if Anna wanted to climb a large tree like she had done several times before. She hesitantly agreed. Minutes later, the branch cracked and Anna fell inside the trunk of the tree.

The audience was in shock. I saw people crying next to me. It was a pivotal moment in the film.

Anna said she blacked out when the incident occurred. Then, she went to heaven and that’s where she talked with God. Paramedics rescued her and she was unharmed.

Filming took place in and around Atlanta, Georgia. The movie is 109 minutes long and is rated PG. It was directed by Patricia Riggen, who is known for other films such as “The 33” and “Girl in Progress.”

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very inspiring. I had to close my eyes several times when Anna got her IV put in and when she gave blood. I think it was shot incredibly well with lots of close ups. I was on the edge of my seating wondering what would happen next.

The release date for “Miracles from Heaven” was moved up by three days. It will  now open in theaters nationwide on March 16.




“Miracles from Heaven” movie poster (Sony Pictures)

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