Movie review: ‘Everybody Wants Some’ is perfect for millennials

The 80’s are back in Paramount Pictures’ latest film “Everybody Wants Some.” It features a group of college baseball players who enjoy the freedom and responsibility of unsupervised adulthood.

The movie opens with a shot of Jake (played by Blake Jenner) adjusting the radio in his classic car. Then, he drives by his college campus and checks out the hot girls as he is going by. Finally, Jake arrives at his house which resembled a frat house. Instead, it was for the baseball players.

There was a lot of partying and drinking and smoking weed. I knew that was going to be a central theme throughout the movie, but I think it was a little over the top in “Everybody Wants Some.” The baseball players played jokes on each other and even hazed the freshmen players.

This film was a little confusing for me to follow. One thing I was able to understand is that Jake met another girl who was a performing arts major. They got involved in a relationship and went on several dates.

I thought there would be a little more baseball. There was only one practice that we could watch. Then, class started the next day and the movie ended. The team didn’t even play one game. Maybe that hints at a sequel film?

Scenes for this movie were shot in Austin, San Marcos and Taylor, Texas. It was written and directed by Richard Linklater. He is best known for films like “Boyhood” and “School of Rock.”

“Everybody Wants Some” is rated R for language throughout, sexual content, drug use and some nudity. The comedy film is one hour and 57 minutes long. It made its premiere at the South by Southwest festival in Austin.

I think the movie is perfect for millennial viewers. I don’t think older adults would enjoy watching this movie. There was just too much smoking, drinking and partying.



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