Movie Review: ‘Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising’ is the perfect way to cap your college semester

Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron reunite two years later for “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.” This movie is coming out at just the right time as most students have already completed finals and are on their summer break.

The movie starts out with moaning sounds as Mac Radner (Rogen) and his pregnant wife, Kelly (Byrne) are having sex in their bedroom. Mac noticed that Kelly was starting to look naucious. Seconds later, she puked on his head. It was something that didn’t agree with her stomach. What a way to kick off this movie.

The plot revolves around the sale of Mac and Kelly’s house. They already have an interested buyer, a multiracial couple that placed a bid. However, the home went into escrow for 30 days so the Radners had to stay on their best behavior in case of a surprise visit.

Moments later, we learn that the house next door was recently purchased by a trio of unruly sisters who decide to form a sorority named Kappa Nu. They want to become the only sorority that can party. Apparently–only fraternities are allowed to throw parties. Who knew?

So the three girls form their sorority and hold several over-the-top parties. I’m talking loud music, dancing, lights flashing at several hours late into the morning hours. It kept the Radners up at night. They couldn’t sleep.

Mac and Kelly approached the university about this so-called sorority. The university’s female president said her hands were tied and she couldn’t do anything, but let it exist.

The rest of the movie becomes this cat and mouse game of how to shut down the sorority. Mac and Kelly came up with a pretty smart idea to steal their weed in order to make them go bankrupt. However, the sorority fought back.

I remember several funny moments from this movie that were hilarious. The first was when one of the sorority girls sneaked into Mac’s car. As soon as he noticed the girl, he hit the brakes and she went flying through the windshield. The second funny moment was when Teddy Sanders (Efron) jumped on an air bag in an attempt to escape from the garage. Then, he hit his head on the ceiling and fell right back down. Epic fail.

The questions you will be able to answer after seeing this film…Will the Radners be able to finally sell their house? What happens to the Kappa Nu sorority–does it continue to exist or will it be shut down?

I really enjoy these type of college comedies. “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” was no exception. The movie featured lots of jokes, college drinking, smoking weed and of course–sex. It comes with an R rating so no children allowed!

Note to college students: Finish your final exams first. Then, head to your nearest theatre to see the film. What a great way to kick off summer break. I heard there are talks of adding zombies in a third installment of the franchise.




Selena Gomez runs a sorority in “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.” (Universal Pictures)

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