Rising Hollywood star Jayson Blair to meet fans at “The Dog Lover” screenings in Sterling Heights, MI

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — Up-and-coming Hollywood actor Jayson Blair can be seen in the new movie “The Dog Lover” opening this weekend. The Michigan native will sign autographs and pose for photos with fans at AMC Forum 30 in Sterling Heights on July 8th and 10th.

Blair attended the Barbizon Modeling School and entered a competition in Chicago. Then, he met his agent and was flown out to Los Angeles to work in the movie business. The rest is history.

“‘The Dog Lover‘ is a love story and a human rights story essentially,” the actor explained. “It’s about huge corporations manipulating people for their benefit. It comes at the expense of many people’s lives. Our film is based on a true story. It’s about a family that breeds hunting dogs and has for generations. The United Animal Protection Agency (UAPA), in our film, is hell bent on destroying breeding as a whole. It’s a heartbreaking story of how they come in and ruin our family’s lives.”

Jayson plays Will Holloway, the male lead in the film. “The Dog Lover” was shot on location in Petaluma, Calif. in Sonoma County.

“I am the son of the Holloway family and we are the family that all the bad things happen to,” he explained. “I also meet this girl. She works for the UAPA. She comes into my family to work as an intern to help out with the dogs. We don’t know that she’s undercover. She and I end up falling in love and that is the love story aspect of it.”

Look for Blair to make special appearances during the July 8th and 10th weekend screenings of “The Dog Lover” at the AMC 30 Forum in Sterling Heights, Mich.

“I have some printout cards with my name and the film on it that I’ll be signing for fans. I think we’re doing a Q&A at a couple of the screenings–one on Friday, July 8th and also on Sunday, July 10th. It’s either going to be the 6:15 or the 8:45 showing. We don’t have an exact time.”

The Macomb, Mich. native also starred on the NBC series “The New Normal.”

“It was a really great experience for me. Working with that cast and Ryan Murphy as a showrunner and creator was a really, great opportunity. He created ‘Glee‘ and ‘American Horror Story‘ and all of these amazing, iconic shows. I was really fortunate.”

Blair plays Jake on the new Freeform series “Young & Hungry.”

“It’s a multi-camera comedy about a super rich tech guy who lives in San Francisco. This girl comes in and is his personal chef. They’re in love with each other. I actually tested for the lead role, which my buddy Jonathan Sadowski got. He’s fantastic in the role. I came on and I play his brother. I tried to steal his girl away from him and that fizzled out.”

What are some of your upcoming projects we should look out for?

“I leave in the beginning of August for Louisiana to shoot a film called ‘Party Crashers,'” Blair added. “It is pretty much ‘American Pie‘ meets ‘Paranormal Activity.’ It’s about this haunted frat house and it’s quite hilarious. Yeah, it’s really funny. They have offers out to everybody. I won’t know the other cast until July 11th. It will definitely be a fun film.”

The rising Hollywood actor says he enjoys photography when he’s not busy working.

“I just got back from Indonesia where I went with a bunch of my buddies and just went traveling, taking photos. That’s a big passion and hobby of mine is amateur photography. It’s something I love. I spend a lot of time shooting friends or landscapes or anything that I find interesting.”

Blair says he returns to Michigan twice a year to visit family. Once over the holidays and twice during the summer when Hollywood shuts down.

Follow actor Jayson Blair on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/Jayson_Blair


Blair attended the Barbizon Modeling School and entered a competition in Chicago.


Look for Jayson Blair on the lead male role in “The Dog Lover” opening in theaters this weekend. (ESX Entertainment)


Blair pays Jake on the new Freeform original series “Young & Hungry.”

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