Sweet Christmas teaser trailers for Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Iron Fist’ premiere at San Diego Comic-Con

This fall, Mike Colter is going to break down doors and bust in walls as Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” as the teaser trailer shows the man with the unbreakable skin and superhuman strength “getting started” when he decides to return home to Harlem.  On Marvel’s “Jessica Jones,” Cage told Krysten Ritter’s titular private investigator that being a hero puts a target on your back.  Now comes Marvel’s “Luke Cage,” as he gradually realize that being a hero can make you profitable.

The subject of an experiment in prison, Luke Cage broke out and escaped.  A wrongly accused fugitive, he tries to keep a low profile, but soon becomes involved in the battle for the heart and soul of his neighborhood.  Using his newfound abilities to fight crime, corruption and injustice, Luke Cage will become a hero-for-hire.

And one day, so will Marvel’s upcoming “Iron Fist,” with Finn Jones as Daniel Rand.  Like Luke Cage/Power Man, the young Rand is willing to bust through walls in order to get reclaim what’s rightfully his.  After years of being declared dead, Daniel Rand returns to New York to fight crime, corruption, and injustice as a superhero: using kung-fu and the power of the Iron Fist: completing Netflix’s formation of Marvel’s “The Defenders.”

Marvel’s “Luke Cage” premieres September 30 on Netflix.





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