Sweet Christmas! It is Mike Colter’s 40th birthday on August 26!

After being on the wrong side of the law as reputed drug dealer Lemond Bishop on CBS’ “The Good Wife,” Mike Colter is on the side of right and might this fall as Marvel’s “Luke Cage.”  The test subject of a prison experiment that gave him superhuman strength and unbreakable skin, Cage returns home to Harlem in hopes of staying in the shadows and out of trouble.  Once believing that being a hero can put a target on your back, Luke Cage is about to realize that being a hero can make someone like him available for hire when he gets pulled into the good fight to unite his neighborhood in the war against crime, corruption, and injustice.

The character Luke Cage was introduced in Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” starring Krysten Ritter as the titular hard-drinking, short-fused, hot mess of a resourceful private investigator/(anti)superhero with a bad reputation – and a bad attitude.  Still, despite being Kilgrave (David Tennant)’d into killing his wife Reva, Jessica shared an unbreakable bond with the bulletproof Luke, who’s getting real sick and tired of having to buy new clothes – especially where it’s the bad guys who are going to pay the high price of justice.

Part of the line-up that will soon form into Marvel’s “The Defenders,” Marvel’s “Luke Cage” will premiere Friday, September 30 on Netflix.