Wild Wednesday: the 75-year ‘Legacy’ of the Green Arrow

His name is Oliver Queen.

After 75 years with DC Comics, he continues to fight to survive with only one goal: to aim for justice against those who’ve failed the people of Star City.  After surviving the island of hell, this reformed bad-boy ex-billionaire archer continues to aim even higher as a crusading masked vigilante: a modern-day Robin Hood for the little guy against street crime and corruption.  Soon, Oliver Queen became someone else.  He became something else: a beacon of hope against the rising tide of darkness.  Oliver Queen became … the Green Arrow.

Though always compared with brooding billionaire vigilante superhero Bruce Wayne/Batman, old-lefty hippie Oliver Queen/Green Arrow has always kept the Justice League honest.

Not only that, he became the founding leader of a team of Super-Friends who are dedicated to (absolute) justice on the live-action Superman prequel series “Smallville” with Justin Hartley, whose Queen/Green Arrow believed that the ends justifies the means: the yang to the yin of future Man of Steel Clark Kent/Boy Scout (Tom Welling).  Now, the Emerald Archer is the bold of Star City to the brave of Central City’s Scarlet Speedster.  To illustrate, the CW made Stephen Amell into the legend known as “Arrow”, whose humanity and legend inspire Grant Gustin to become the legend known as “The Flash”.  Together, their legacies led to fan favorite characters as DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow”.

Currently in its fifth season, CW’s “Arrow” got its aim back on target: leaving the supernatural of season four behind and rediscovering the magic of the series about Oliver Queen’s journey from vigilante killer to the Hood to the Arrow to the hero who will never stop fighting to right the wrongs of his family, the hero who will never stop fighting for the people of Star City.  Oliver Queen is not only the Mayor of Star City, but he is also someone else … something else: the symbol of hope known as the Green Arrow.

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