Superhero Saturday: Wonder Woman Day

This weekend will be wonderful indeed with not only Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman”, but the titular Amazonian warrior princess will have an entire day devoted to her in the name of all that is right and might.

Created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman is both an American legend and rebel in the male-dominated world of superheroes.

Since 1941, Princess Diana of Themyscira has been fighting the good fight for freedom, liberty, democracy, equality, truth, compassion, love, joy, peace, and justice.  Born on Paradise Island, she comes to the world of man and becomes a symbol of sisterhood and hope in the war against tyranny, cruelty, greed, and oppression.

Thanks to Lynda Carter’s portrayal, Wonder Woman led the first generation of female empowerment on television.  Airing on ABC and CBS from 1975 to 1979, the series followed Diana Prince/Wonder Woman standing up for the red-white-blue known as the United States of America: ranging from battling the Nazis in World War II to fighting terrorism, organized crime and corruption as a government agent in the 20th century.  The success of “Wonder Woman” led to Lindsay Wagner as “The Bionic Woman”, followed by Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and the late Farrah Fawcett as “Charlie’s Angels”.

Reruns of “Wonder Woman” continues to air as part of Me-TV (’s “Sci-Fi Saturday Night”.  This Saturday, it’s “Wonder Woman in Hollywood” when Wonder Woman and her sister Drusilla/Wonder Girl (Debra Winger) go behind the scenes in probing the disappearances of American war heroes who are the subject of a movie in production.

Indeed the “World’s Finest” of female superheroes, Wonder Woman completes the DC Comics Trinity alongside Metropolis’ Man of Steel Superman and Gotham’s Caped Crusader/Dark Knight Detective Batman as one of the founding members of the Justice League.  After 75 years, Wonder Woman was finally lassoed onto the big screen as the bright shining light in last year’s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” opposite Henry Cavill’s Son of Krypton and Ben Affleck’s Son of Gotham/Bat of Gotham.  We’ll see Wonder Woman help unite the rest of the Seven (Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash) in becoming the “Justice League” come November 17, where Cartoon Network’s “Justice League” premiered that day in 2001 with Susan Eisenberg providing the voice of Wonder Woman.  That was soon followed by Justice League Unlimited” with Eisenberg continuing the role until its end in 2006.

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