Review: Make it a date and go see “The House” for lots of laughs

I don’t always agree with the movie critics. This is one of those times. When I first saw the trailer for “The House,” it was one the films that I added to my must-see list.

Here’s the premise: Will Ferrell (Scott) and Amy Poehler (Kate) team up to find a way to pay for their daughter’s college education after their scholarship was turned down. Early on, we learn that their daughter, Alex (played by Ryan Simpkins), gets accepted to Buckley University.

That is when we meet actor Jason Mantzoukas, who plays Frank Theodorakis, Scott’s best friend and Raina’s husband with a serious gambling problem. He came up with the idea for the three of them to start an illegal casino in his basement to come up with the money for college–in just one month.

One of the funny moments from the film is when Scott and Kate meet their financial adviser. They ask her if they can afford to send Alex to Buckley. The adviser responds and says they can’t afford it. Then, Scott says, how can that be, we have $401,000. She said, no…that’s a 401K account.

I thought the casino in the basement idea was very interesting. It was a clever way to make money. However, it left me wondering how long it could go on before the police or the city got involved. That’s something that happens later on in the film.

By the end of the film, you’ll learn: Will Scott and Kate make enough money to send Alex to college? Will they be in any legal trouble? Do they go to jail? I won’t spoil the ending so go see the movie to find out!

I think there are a lot of funny moments in “The House.” The movie is rated R so kids are only allowed with an accompanying parent. It is 1 hour and 28 minutes long.




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