EMU Basketball Team Shares Victory Celebration with Student

YPSILANTI — The Eastern Michigan men’s basketball team had more to celebrate than their close 79-74 victory over in-state rival Central Michigan University during a mid-week game recently. A spirited crowd also witnessed one of their EMU student family win ten thousand dollars during a half-time promotion.

The AmericaJR web team was present to witness the extra ordinary occurrence. EMU nursing major, Jacob Lackey accomplished the stroke of a lifetime. Billed as the “10-K Putt Challenge” it turned in to a special night. Lackey, a senior from Plymouth High School, made a golf putt the length of the basketball court.

Lackey, not an overly experience golfer, had perfect tempo as he hit a long and straight putt, 94 feet, during the special halftime event. As soon as he stuck the ball it looked like it had a chance in the sort of hole-in-one contest. On and on, the ball travelled straight and true until it reached its final destination. As it went through the target placed on the opposite baseline, the crowd exploded into the biggest pandemonium of applause that the evening experienced. All the while, the pep band erupted into loud brass and drum salutes. The salutations continued and the Convo Center sounded like it was over-filled and standing room only.

Lackey said afterwards, while catching his breath, “The only experience that I had was that I used to play a lot of putt-putt.” EMU student and gal-pal Kimberly Willbrandt joyfully added, “I reminded him to test the wind before-hand.”

The promotion was put on by EMU Athletics and coordinated by Tony Orlando, assistant director of athletics for marketing. He said an insurance policy will pay for the prize.

Lackey said most of the funds will go to pay-off student debt, pay his rent and do something nice for his mom. His fraternity, Theta Chi, was planning a celebration of excellence sometime in the future.

Check out the full-court putt below…



Eastern Michigan took on Central Michigan inside the EMU Convocation Center. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)


For more photos from the doubleheader, visit https://americajr.com/news/2018/01/10/photos-bgsu-vs-emu-mens-basketball-game-in-ypsilanti-mi/

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