Wild Wednesday: Denzel Washington is back to ‘punish the guilty’ in new ‘Equalizer 2’ trailer

"The Equalizer 2"

Marvel’s “Luke Cage” may be “Soul Brother #1”, but he’s not the only black hero-for-hire this summer.  In less than a month, Denzel Washington will reprise his role as “high-level paid government assassin” Robert McCall in “The Equalizer 2”: reuniting the Oscar winner with director Antonie Fuqua for their fourth collaboration.  Based on the mid-1980s spy-detective CBS series that starred Edward Woodward, the film is a sequel to the 2014 hit that also reunites with Denzel with his “Flight” co-star Melissa Leo.

In case you may or may not know, the actress guest-starred on a 1985 episode of “The Equalizer” entitled “The Defector”, where McCall continued to defect from the “dirty business” of the Company to setting up his own business of helping the helpless: a murdered agent’s daughter, played by Leo, and a bullied teen.

He may “punish the guilty” like Marvel’s Frank Castle/the Punisher, but Robert McCall stands for something: protecting the innocent and serving justice as a knight in shining armor: a dark knight like Batman.  He may be a different kind of driver like Frank Martin – aka The Transporter -, but McCall is out to enforce his own brand of law: especially when it comes to avenging the death of his close friend Susan.

Come July 20, “The Equalizer 2” will even the odds.



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