Superhero Saturday: Official trailer of ‘Robin Hood’ 2018

"Robin Hood" (2018)

Give thanks to a legend reborn this November with Taron Egerton as “Robin Hood”, the heroic outlaw who robs from the rich and gives to the poor.  The movie also stars Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as Little John, who trains him to become the prince of thieves the people needs against the Sheriff of Notthingham.

This “Hood”, though, is more of an alter-ego to set up Lord Robin of Locksley as an medieval superhero: the precursor to DC Comics’ Green Arrow, the masked secret identity of Star City billionaire Oliver Queen.  Both the Hood (the first season codename for CW’s “Arrow” starring Stephen Amell) and the Emerald Archer are outlaw vigilantes who are on a crusade to right the wrongs of others, aiming for justice against the corrupt and powerful.  It is the strong’s duty to defend the weak.

This fall’s “Hood” coincides with the 80th anniversary of “The Adventures of Robin Hood” starring Errol Flynn, who provided classic swashbuckling derring-do in the fight against oppression.  Over the years, Flynn has been succeeded on both the big and small screen by actors that includes Richard Greene, Kevin Costner, Patrick Bergin, Jonas Armstrong, and Russell Crowe.  Feared by the bad but loved by the good, Robin Hood will not tolerate injustice: vowing to protect the people and King Richard as the defender of Sherwood Forest.

“Robin Hood” rise and rise back into theaters November 21.


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