‘The Equalizer 2’ is the unsung superhero movie of the summer

"The Equalizer 2"

There’s a storm coming in “The Equalizer 2” … and its name is Denzel Washington, who is a hurricane in this sequel as Robert McCall, a former covert operative using his deadly skills to enforce his special brand of justice among evildoers.  The first one saw McCall using his last job at Home Mart to become a fixer: taking on Russian mobsters and corrupt police officers as a knight in shining armor on behalf of a young prostitute.

“The Equalizer 2” definitely receives a “five-star rating” with McCall still doing what he does – this time, as a Lyft driver seeking persons of interest who are in trouble .. and/or who are about to start it.  Now, he’s about to unleash his wrath when the sins of his past comes back to haunt him, and his close friend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) pays the ultimate price.  So, once more, not only is McCall a man on fire, he’s Batman without the mask and cape.  However, “The Equalizer 2” could be considered as a “Training Day” of sorts with McCall – the complete opposite of corrupt cop Alonzo – becoming a father figure to Miles, a kid he’s trying to keep from going into a life of crime, violence and death: a world that McCall knows all too well.

Watching “The Equalizer” 2 is like watching a live-action comic-book film, which is why it’s no coincidence the film came out on the six-year anniversary of “The Dark Knight Rises”, the final chapter in the “Dark Knight” trilogy from Jonathan and Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Like Batman, the Equalizer can be anyone that is willing to champion those who can’t fight for themselves.  “The Equalizer 2” shows that Robert McCall is both a symbol and an ideal.  If you have no place to turn to for help … if the odds against you, he will equalize them, for he is the Equalizer.



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