Marvel Tuesday: Netflix cancels Marvel’s “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones”

Netflix cancels Marvel's "The Punisher" and "Jessica Jones"

It’s official: Frank Castle has been sent into the abyss of cancellation, as Netflix decides in not renewing Marvel’s The Punisherfor a third season.  Not only that, the streaming service is about to get a bad reputation of canceling Marvel’s Jessica Jones alongside DaredevilLuke Cageand Iron Fist

Introduced in the second season of DaredevilThe Punisheris a spin-off that follows Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), a military veteran who declares New York City his war zone: becoming a one-man vigilante justice league against the kind of criminal and corrupt forces responsible for the brutal deaths of his wife and children.  To some, Frank Castle’s a criminal and/or murderer.  To others, he’s a hero defending those who can’t defend themselves.  But Frank Castle isn’t meant to be either one of those things. 

He’s meant to be the Punisher: punishing the guilty, the ones society can’t and/or won’t because they hide behind their money and power under the belief they’re untouchable and above the law.  Only Frank Castle can touch them, though, for a few think the Punisher may be the closest thing for justice.  

Bernthal is the fourth actor to play the anti-hero: becoming a fan favorite after three failed big-screen attempts with Dolph Lungdren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson.

Premiered in 2005, Marvel’s Jessica Jones stars Krysten Ritter as the titular super-powered heroine with a bad reputation of being the “H” word.  Despite being a hard-drinking, short-fused hot mess of a vigilante, the sassy, sarcastic and sexy Jessica Jones is a very resourceful private investigator: a hero who gives a s**t and does something about it with her own brand of swift justice.  The character is one of the founding members of Marvel’s The Defenders: joining forces with Charlie Cox’s blind lawyer Matt Murdock and his masked Man Without Fear alter-ego, Mike Colter’s righteous ex-con with the unbreakable and bulletproof skin, and Finn Jones’ Danny Rand and his glowing fist.  Together, they set out to save New York from the cult ninja organization the Hand.  

Netflix has yet to announce the airdate for the final season of Jessica Jones.

“NETFLIX Cancels Punisher & Jessica Jones Officially Killing Marvel Contract”

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