Wild West Wednesday: Jared Padalecki is CW’s new “Walker, Texas Ranger” for series reboot

Jared Padalecki will star as Cordell Walker in a reboot of "Walker, Texas Ranger" on the CW

It may be last call for CW’s Supernatural, but Jared Padalecki still got work to do at the network with a straight-to-series order as Walker, Texas Ranger.

A reboot of the urban Western, it will follow Padalecki as Cordell Walker, a widowed father with two children who returns to Austin after a two-year undercover operation.  As he tries to reconnect with his children as well as mediate with his family, Walker is driven by his own moral code to fight crime and injustice in his hometown with the help of his female partner, one of the first female Texas Rangers in the company’s history, while uncovering the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.

The original Walker, Texas Ranger aired on CBS from 1993 to 2001 with Chuck Norris kicking bad-guy butt as a modern-day Lone Ranger who believes in God and country, and the code of the Old West.  With a mixture of martial arts action and strong moral values, the series was a Saturday night favorite, and continues to remain a fan favorite thanks to reruns in syndication.  Walker spawned the short-lived but popular 1999 spin-off Sons of Thunder and the 2005 TV film Trial by Fire, which ended on a cliff-hanger with the shooting of Alex Cahill-Walker (Sheree J. Wilson).

Padalecki spent 15 Supernatural seasons as Sam Winchester, who has been in “the family business” of saving people and hunting demons across America with his older brother Dean (Jensen Ackles).  You might say that Supernatural is sort of a Western about two brothers riding from one town to the next: fighting evil and helping people.

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