Trivia Tuesday: 5 New Trivia Questions from “Page-A-Day”

365 Days of Amazing Trivia! Page-A-Day Calendar 2020 by Workman Publishing

Every Tuesday is a Trivia Tuesday on AmericaJR… Look for five new trivia questions and answers from the “365 Amazing Trivia Facts for 2020” calendar…

This Week’s Questions:

  1. Who was the first woman elected to the US Congress?
  2. Germany’s Historical Museum of the Palatinate houses the world’s oldest bottle of wine. How old is the wine?
  3. What distinguishes a cirrocumulus cloud?
  4. What does it mean to absquatulate?
  5. What kind of animal served in the Polish army’s 22nd Transport Company’s Artillery Division in World War II?

This Week’s Answers:

  1. Jeannette Rankin. She represented Montana in the House of Representatives from 1917 to 1919 and again from 1941 to 1943.
  2. It’s estimated to date back to 325 CE. It was discovered in a Roman tomb that was excavated in 1867.
  3. Cirrocumulus clouds are small, puffy clouds arranged regularly in rows. They appear high in the sky–20,000 to 40,000 feet above Earth–and often look like water ripples or fish scales.
  4. To leave abruptly. The word is a combination of three other words: abscond, squabble, and perambulate.

Source: Workman Publishing / “Page-A-Day”

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