Sean Connery, the original James Bond, dies at 90 years old

Actor Sean Connery was the first James Bond

Fans are shaken and stirred over the loss of Sir Sean Connery, who passed away this Halloween at the age of 90.

Connery was the one who defines the name “Bond, James Bond” when he first came on screen in 1962’s Dr. No, and a franchise was born.  For many, Connery was born to play Ian Fleming’s suave, smooth-talking secret agent 007 with a license to kill – and a penchant for beautiful women, fast cars, cool gadgets, and danger.  Connery continued the role until 1967’s You Can Only Live Twice.  He was succeeded by George Lazenby for 1969’s For Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but Connery returned as Bond for 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever and was succeeded by the late Sir Roger Moore for 1973’s Live and Let Die.  After 12 years, Connery renewed his license as Bond one last time for 1983’s Never Say Never Again, where Bond comes of retirement to save the world from SPECTRE.

Though Connery remained bonded with the role of James Bond, he was able to find success in the later years of his career that included his Oscar-winning performance as beat cop Jimmy Malone in 1987’s The Untouchables.  In the film, Connery’s character mentored federal agent Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) on how to get Al Capone:

“He pulls a knife, you pull a gun.  He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue … That’s the Chicago Way”

Two years later, Connery played Harrison Ford’s father in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.  It was also in 1989 that Connery was named by People as “The Sexiest Man Alive”.

Highlander (1986), The Hunt for Red October (1990), The Rock (1996), Entrapment (1999), and Finding Forrester (2000) were other memorable films – especially in Finding Forrester thanks to Connery’s “You’re the man now, dog” line.  His last role was that of legendary adventurer Allan Quartermain in 2003’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  The film’s failure at the summer box office prompted Connery to retire from acting in 2006.

He is survive by his second wife Micheline Roquebrune and Sean, his son from his previous marriage to Diane Cliento.

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