Superhero Sunday: NBC’s ‘The Cape’

NBC's "The Cape" title card

Suit Up.  Fight back.

2011 was the year of superheroes, and NBC’s The Cape helped kicked it of when it premiered as a two-hour event on Sunday, January 9, 2011.  

Somewhat similar to the live-action 1960s Batman television series, The Cape followed Vince Faraday (David Lyons), a honest cop with a loving wife named Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and a young son named Trip, who loves superheroes like the Cape.  Probably the only honest cop in the corrupt Palm City, Vince ends up framed for a series of crimes committed by Chess (James Frain), the ruthless split personality of billionaire industrialist Peter Fleming.  Presumed dead, Vince was nursed back to health by Max Malini (Keith David), the leader of the Carnival of Crime.  With his help, Vince is now a man on a mission: to clear his name and bring Chess to justice.  Orwell (Summer Glau), an investigative blogger dedicated to the fight against crime, corruption and injustice, joins Vince in his crusade to clean up Palm City.

Seeking out to restore his son’s faith that one man can make a difference, Vince Faraday becomes The Cape.

A mid-season replacement, The Cape aired on Monday nights at 9pm, where Heroes once saved the cheerleader and the world in that time slot for several seasons.  It seemed that The Cape was destined to succeed Heroes.  Still, despite its promise and potential, the series was canceled after just nine episodes.  The final episode, which was entitled “Endgame”, was only available to watch on the NBC website.  

Still, there was no complete endgame for The Cape, who never got his name clear as Vince Faraday, never reunited with his family, and is presumably continuing his war as the masked avenger defending the weak and bringing the guilty to justice.

–Video by NBC TV

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