Jet’s Pizza Gives Away a Year of Free Pizza to One Lucky Customer

Metro Detroit native Dave Acosta wins an entire year of free Jet's Pizza. (photo by Jet's Pizza)

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — One loyal Jet’s Pizza fan has earned himself a year of free pizza, and he can thank his curiosity for it.

Jet’s Pizza’s recent commercial calls out all the pizza restaurants jumping on the Detroit-Style pizza bandwagon, something Jet’s has been doing since they started back in 1978.

To celebrate 313 Day, Jet’s hid a secret message in their March TV commercial. The commercial briefly displays a 313 phone number on the sign of one of the pizza shops. A total of nine viewers picked up the phone and dialed the number and were greeted with the below message:

“Well, well,well. Looks like you found our little secret. Congrats! You must be a big fan of Jet’s Pizza to have been paying such close attention to our commercial. That kind of dedication isn’t common. We think it’s worth rewarding…”

The first call came in from Metro-Detroit native and longtime Jet’s Pizza fan, Dave Acosta. Acosta was surprised with a years’ worth of free pizza, along with some Jet’s branded gear.

“I’m overwhelmed and so excited,” said Dave Acosta, Jet’s Pizza’s Year of Free Pizza Winner. “Jet’s is a family tradition for us. We get it every week so winning this is incredible.”

A handful of other eagle-eyed viewers called the number as well and were rewarded with gift cards and Jet’s branded gear.

“This was a fun way to interact with our customers in a way we never have before,” said John Jetts, President of Jet’s America. “It might make you look twice when you see one of our future commercials.”

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About Jet’s Pizza
Jet’s Pizza® is based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. It was founded as Jetts Party Shoppe and Pizzeria in 1978 by brothers, John and Eugene Jetts. Since then, it has now grown to nearly 400 stores in 19 states. Jet’s Pizza® is known for its Detroit-style, deep-dish pizzas, and fresh, high-quality ingredients. Every morning the dough is prepared by hand, premium mozzarella is grated, vegetables are hand-cut, and sauce is made with fresh vine-ripened tomatoes mixed with Jet’s proprietary spice and herb blend.

Source: Jet’s Pizza

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