GALLERY: ‘America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live’ at Luxor Theater – Part Two

Confetti at the end of "America's Got Talent Live Las Vegas" (Gloria Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

The AmericaJR Web Team recently attended “America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live” at the Luxor Theater on the Las Vegas Strip. A celebration of comedy, music, danger, dance and so much more! Starring extraordinary acts from the hit TV franchise “America’s Got Talent” (AGT), the show performs five nights a week, at Luxor Theater. The 75-minute, fast-paced production will feature show-stopping moments ranging from thrill acts and magicians to vocalists and acrobats – all performed by many of the most revered alumni from the TV juggernaut. Showgoers will be treated to an over-the-top opening number, setting the tone for an immersive spectacle that never lets up.

Attend “America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live” at the Luxor Theater. For tickets and more info, go to

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