Movie Monday: Friday’s Upcoming Movie Releases for 08/11/2023

At The Box Office: Direct from Hollywood

Look for these new movies to hit the box office on Friday, August 11, 2023:

“The Last Voyage of the Demeter” Rated R. 1 hour, 58 minutes. Horror.

-Corey Hawkins, Aisling Franciosi, Liam Cunningham, David Dastmalchian; director: André Øvredal.

“Go West” Not rated. 1 hour, 30 minutes. Comedy, Western.

-Sean Astin, Natalie Madsen, Whitney Call, Stephen Meek; directors: Stephen Meek, Jeremy Warner.

“Jules” Rated PG-13. 1 hour, 30 minutes. Drama.

-Ben Kingsley, Harriet Sansom Harris, Zoe Winters, Jane Curtin; director: Marc Turtletaub.

“Gadar 2” Not rated. 2 hours, 50 minutes. Action, Drama.

-Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Rohit Choudhary; director: Anil Sharma.

“Inside Man” Crime, Drama, Thriller.

-Emilie Hirsch, Jake Cannavale, Lucy Hale, Ashley Greene; director: Danny A. Abeckaser.

“The Pod Generation” Rated PG-13. 1 hour, 41 minutes. Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi.

-Emilia Clarke, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Vinette Robinson, Veerle Dejaeger; director: Sophie Barthes.

“Medusa Deluxe” Rated R. 1 hour, 41 minutes. Drama, Mystery.

-Luke Pasqualino, Lilit Lesser, Clare Perkins, Kayla Meikle; director: Thomas Hardiman.

“Match Me If You Can” Not rated. 1 hour, 44 minutes. Comedy, Romance.

-Georgina Reilly, Wilson Bethel, Brian George, Billy Armstrong; director; Marian Yeager.

The following movies opened last weekend and are still playing in theaters:

“Meg 2: The Trench” Rated PG-13. 1 hour, 56 minutes. Action, Adventure, Horror.

-Jason Statham, Jing Wu, Sienna Guillory, Cliff Curtis; director: Ben Wheatley.

“Corner Office” Rated PG-13. 1 hour, 41 minutes. Comedy.

-Jon Hamm, Danny Pudi, Allison Riley, Shawn Macdonald; director: Joachim Back.

“Til Death Do Us Part” Not rated. 1 hour, 49 minutes. Thriller.

-Cam Gigandet, Jason Patric, Natalie Burn, Orlando Jones; director: Timothy Woodward Jr.

“The Collective” Action

-Ruby Rose, Don Johnson, Lucas Till, Tyrese Gibson; director: Tom DeNucci.

“Jessica Frost” Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

“Dreaming’ Wild” Rated PG. 1 hour, 50 minutes. Biography, Drama, Music.

-Walton Goggins, Zooey Deschanel, Casey Affleck, Chris Messina; director: Bill Pohlad.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” (releases 8/2) Rated PG. 1 hour, 39 minutes. Animation, Action, Adventure.

-Rose Byrne, Jackie Chan, John Cena, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd; directors: Jeff Rowe, Kyler Spears.

Weekemd Box Office: “Barbie” was the top movie once again with an additional $53 million followed by “Meg 2: The Trench” in second with $30 million and “Oppenheimer” rounds out the top three with $28.7 million.


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