Pizzerias and restaurants are switching to PizzaMaster electric desk ovens, abandoning gas ovens

PizzaMaster electric deck ovens

WHEELING, IL – PizzaMaster USA is dedicated to assisting pizzerias and restaurants in enhancing their in-house efficiency more effectively than with traditional gas pizza ovens. Thanks to the advantages of electric over gas, customers are enjoying benefits along with substantial rebates. Some states offer rebates of up to $2,000 per deck, providing significant upfront savings. Additionally, pizzerias and restaurants aiming for environmental responsibility are transitioning from gas to electric deck ovens, which emit no greenhouse gases.

The advantages of PizzaMaster electric deck ovens over gas extend to exceptional features like Turbo Start. This feature accelerates the oven’s heating process, allowing it to quickly reach the desired temperature. Turbo Start activates as soon as the oven is powered on, utilizing full power to rapidly increase the temperature. With this innovative function, a PizzaMaster oven can achieve an impressive 600°F in just 30 minutes, outpacing any gas oven on the market. Another efficiency advantage of PizzaMaster electric deck ovens is their ability to reach up to an impressive 932°F, unlike gas ovens. This high-temperature range is ideal for baking high-temperature dishes and ensures that your oven can efficiently meet the capacity demands of your pizzeria or restaurant.

Denis Griemer, President of PizzaMaster USA, stated: “The Turbo Start feature and the ability to reach 932°F with a PizzaMaster oven are game changers for those accustomed to using gas ovens. Many shops with gas ovens leave them running through the night to keep them hot until the next day. With PizzaMaster ovens, you can use Turbo Start to power up each deck 30 minutes before you need to start baking, eliminating the need to run the oven overnight.”

PizzaMaster ovens are also praised by customers for their consistency. These ovens feature distinct heat zones with elements that provide thorough coverage from front to back, top to bottom, and left to right. The front element, with higher wattage, ensures temperature stability even when the door is opened and closed. Consequently, the entire oven maintains consistent heat distribution, eliminating cold spots and reducing the need to rotate pizzas during baking. This reliability allows PizzaMaster ovens to handle more intensive loads without extending bake times compared to other ovens.

For pizzerias and restaurants with limited space looking to maximize their equipment usage, PizzaMaster ovens are designed with versatility in mind. These ovens enable operators to seamlessly bake, toast, and roast a variety of products simultaneously, ranging from Neapolitan pizza to multiple styles of pizzas and pastas, artisanal bread, pastries, high-temperature dishes, vegetables, fish, chicken, and meats. Moreover, the design of PizzaMaster ovens incorporates independently powered and controlled decks, enabling simultaneous baking, toasting, and roasting on separate decks at various temperatures. This exceptional feature streamlines output, allowing for a diverse range of products to be prepared simultaneously. And since energy efficiency is a major concern for operators, PizzaMaster ovens offer the flexibility to run one deck at a time during slower hours, conserving energy until high-capacity demands necessitate full operation of all decks.

The features of a PizzaMaster oven may also contribute to lower electric bills. While electrical costs can vary depending on location, customers consistently find that the operational costs of a PizzaMaster oven align well with their budget and output needs.

About PizzaMaster USA:

PizzaMaster® is the largest electric deck oven range in the world with over 85 different models and 1,500 combinations of sizes available. PizzaMaster USA strives to provide unmatched personal attention to each of our customers, from large national grocery chains to family-owned pizzerias and restaurants. We work closely with our customers every step of the way, from the planning stages to grand openings to aftermarket services. Learn more here. PizzaMaster USA, a division of MPM Food Equipment Group. Call (800) 976-6762 or email info@pizzamasterUSA.com.

Source: PizzaMaster USA

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