Hyundai XCIENT fuel cell semi truck, InCharge EV chargers and International electric school bus featured at 2024 ACT Expo

The Hyundai XCIENT hydrogen fuel cell semi truck was displayed at the 2024 ACT Expo in Las Vegas. (Jason Rzucidlo/AmericaJR)

Las Vegas — More than 200 low- and zero-emission fleet vehicles were on display at the 2024 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. That included battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell, autonomous, renewable fuels, natural gas, and propane-powered vehicles.

International Trucks debuted their all-new electric school bus called the IC Bus CE series. It is offered in two battery options: 210 kWH offering 135 miles of range or 315 kWH offering over 200 miles. Other highlights include standard AC and DC fast charging capabilities and three levels of regenerative braking. The IC Bus CE Series can hold up to 78 passengers.

InCharge unveiled their all-new ultra-fast EV charger called the ICE-600 that can power up to 10 EVs at once. It is capable of providing up to 500kW from a single connector. The HMI screen will display the battery states of charge (SOCs) of all EVs being charged, together on a single screen. 

“This charger, the ICE-600, is the highest power output in the industry,“ said Terry O’Day, chief operating officer at InCharge.  “We stand behind and service it for you. We have teams of technicians distributed across the country who work for InCharge, not for subcontractors, who come by and do the maintenance on a quarterly basis for your chargers. We’ll also come and repair it when it breaks.”

Hyundai told me about their new fuel cell semi truck called the XCIENT. Hyundai Motor and autonomous software company Plus are collaborating to test Level 4 autonomous driving technology on U.S. roads. The XCIENT is powered by two 90kW hydrogen fuel cell systems and a 350kW e-motor, providing a driving range of over 450 miles per charge even when fully loaded.

“We are not only the first hydrogen fuel cell truck, but I think the uniqueness of having the most data and logged miles,“ said Jim Park, senior vice president of commercial vehicle and hydrogen business development at Hyundai Motor America. “We’ve continuously made improvements to this vehicle. We are on our way for next generation fuel cell in future products to help further improve our efficiencies.“

Ford Pro showed off their DC fast charging station and 2024 E-Transit all electric delivery van. The Ford Pro DC Fast Charger comes in two models: 180kW and 240kW giving fleet operators and their drivers more versatility at their workplace with more power and shortened charge times.

“The Ford Pro solution is a multi-vehicle, multi-make solution designed to work with all makes of vehicles,“ said David McManus with Ford Pro. “We’re currently using the J1772 or CCS connector and we’ll also be in the future working with the NACS connector. Ford Pro offers full design, build, turnkey services which also include financing options for both public and private agencies.”

Meanwhile, the 2024 Ford E-Transit Cargo Van Low Roof models have an estimated range of 159 miles. While the Medium Roof model has an estimated range of 148 miles, and 143 for the High Roof model. Other features include real-time navigation and adaptive cruise control. Pricing for the E-Transit cargo van starts at $51,095.

Symbio introduced their all-new fuel cell semi truck. The hydrogen-fueled, regional-haul Class 8 truck was developed and integrated by Symbio in California. It is outfitted with next-generation EV specific tires that offer improved fuel economy and reduced wear from Michelin.

On the consumer side, Honda revealed its new 2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV. It received a 270-mile driving range rating from the EPA. The CR-V e:FCEV features a U.S.-made fuel cell system along with plug-in charging capability designed to provide up to 29 miles of EV driving. It Las offers the flexibility of fast hydrogen refueling for longer trips.

Next up: The ACT Expo will take place in Anaheim, Calif. for 2025. For more info, visit:

— video by Jason Rzucidlo / AmericaJR

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