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Wednesday, 18 May, 2011 12:42 PM

Cedar Point goes Hollywood with the opening of Pink's Hot Dogs


Pink's Hot Dogs is now open at Cedar Point!

by Pete Bublitz



SANDUSKY, Ohio -- The mist that swallowed Sandusky, Ohio last Saturday, May 14, merely helped to spread the scent of chili dogs lingering from a new location, thanks to the grand opening of Pink’s Restaurant at Cedar Point. Renowned for its legacy of service in Hollywood, California, the new installation was celebrated with a ribbon cutting undertaken by Cedar Fair CEO Richard "Dick" Kinzel, Cedar Point Vice President & G.M. John Hildebrandt, and representatives of the Pink family legacy: Beverly, Gloria, and Richard.

"Welcome to the grand opening of our brand new restaurant, Pink's Hot Dogs," said Cedar Point Sales Promotions Manager Bryan Edwards. "I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I have not had a hot dog and I can smell them."

It’s a milestone introduction that Hildebrandt described as the moment when “the best hot dogs in the world meet the best amusement park in the world,” joking beforehand on how it’s a far cry from the 74-foot dog that marked the grand opening during the mid-1970s.

"Hot dogs and amusement parks go together natural," the Cedar Point vice president and general manager explained. "On the site where Pink's now stands, there was an eatery called Ross's Lunch. It was known for famous hot dogs. In fact, our good friends Bob and Kathy Howard met at Ross's Lunch. Now, they're back here today. Cedar Point is proud to welcome Pink's to the Cedar Point midway. This season, we look forward to introducing many, many thousand to the Pink's tradition."

This is the first Pink's restaurant to open east of the Mississippi River. Pink's has locations in Hollywood, Las Vegas, San Diego, Knott's Berry Farm, the LAX airport, Universal CityWalk and at the Hollywood Park Casino. Construction of the new restaurant at Cedar Point took about two months to complete.

"We are beyond excited, this is the thrill of a lifetime," said owner/operator Richard Pink . "It's great to make the trip, I have to tell you. I can see all of these happy faces that are eating our 15 different kinds of hot dogs. We've got the Polish, the spicy Polish, the 12-inch jalapeño dog, the turkey dog, the nine-inch stretch dog, we've got a veggie dog and we have all kinds of toppings. This one is fresh, it was just done. It has a magnificent atmosphere, it is colorful. I'm almost feeling homesick because it reminds me so much of the original. The prices are a little bit higher, but I'm told that they're a little bit lower than the rest of the park."

Yes, the Cedar Point location has all of the celebrity hot dogs just like the original eatery. Kinzel took a bite of the first hot dog to be served at the Cedar Point location and described the taste.

"It's fantastic, actually I've had the hot dog several times before," the Cedar Fair CEO explained. "I wanted to get the true Pink's experience so I had the very spicy Polish and I had the mild Polish. The spicy one is really spicy. Opening day has always been very special. I'm very fortunate this is my 38th opening of parks. I've spent a few years at Valley Fair, but most of them have been at Cedar Point. We're glad that everyone showed up. Sometimes there's problems with weather to get rides open, they're understanding that we can't sacrifice safety for anything. This is going to be a week or maybe two weeks late on the WindSeeker We have to make sure it's right."

Employees at the new Pink's Restaurant did their on-the-job training at the original Pink's at the corner of Melrose and La Brea in Los Angeles. One of the managers from the Pink's location at Knott's Berry Farm was transferred to the Ohio restaurant.

"I got the spicy Polish dog, it's really, really good, but spicy," said Ashley Bolina, a customer from Youngstown, Ohio. "I kind of expected the price, especially because it's Cedar Point. Everything is more expensive so I think it's fine. My favorite ride is Millennium Force for sure. I saw online that WindSeeker wasn't going to be open so I knew when I came here. But I was kind of disappointed about it. I wanted to ride it. You should try one of these out, definitely, it's good."

Richard Pink closed out the address voicing his gratefulness to Ohio and its surrounding regions for being so open to such an opening, adding that it will provide a sense of showtime spark that highlighted its original location since 1939.

"I ordered the stretch hot dog with chili," said Dennis Murray, Sr. of Sandusky, Ohio. "I thought both the meat and the bun were just out of this world. I would say it's the best hot dog I've ever had in my life. Nothing is close to it. My favorite ride is the Millennium Force. That's my wife Peggy, we've been married 50 wonderful years. I come here four times a week. I come all the time, we live here. From my house to my office, I go by here twice a day. We have the greatest beach in Ohio right here. A great spot to eat a hot dog."

The new restaurant is on the main midway right next to Toft's Ice Cream Parlor. Guests can place their orders inside and have a choice to eat inside or outside. Prices are a little bit higher at the Cedar Point location than the original Hollywood location. However, it is a little lower than most food options at the theme park.

"I ordered a chili cheese dog and it was really good," said Kathryn Rosinski, a customer from Boardman, Ohio. "I liked it a lot. No, I've never been to the one in Los Angeles. This was my first time. The Raptor is my favorite ride, I love it so much. I was disappointed the WindSeeker was not open. I've been here a lot of times on almost every ride. It's OK though, there are many more rides to go on at this place. I come here once a year with my family. Cedar Point is the world's roller coaster."

In one final promising crack, Pink acknowledged that “We don’t have a 74-foot dog, but we have a nine-inch that's just as good.”

For more information about Pink's Famous Chili Dogs, go to

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Beverly Pink Wolfe, Gloria Pink and Richard Pink hold up a t-shirt commemorating Pink's opening at Cedar Point.



A close-up of Richard "Dick" Kinzel as he takes a bite.



Gloria Pink, Beverly Pink Wolfe, Richard Kinzel, Judy Kinzel (wife) and Richard Pink


PHOTO ©'s Jason Rzucidlo poses for a photo with the Pink family in front of the new restaurant.


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