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Support Red Wings to another NHL Stanley cup championship, Lions to NFL Super Bowl and Pistons to NBA Finals.


"You guys always have great info and I love coming to the page to check everything out."

-Ashley Wistinghausen [ Belleville, MI ]


"I am studying to be a graphic designer and I like how it keeps me up to date on current events around the city."

-Crystal Hill [ Highland, MI ]


"Loads of information, I love how informative the information is in this web site. Thanks for the great stuff."

-Yvonne Vassallo [ Westland, MI ]


"The trivia questions are always fun to do."

-Cheyenne Smith [ Detroit, MI ]


"Thanks again for coming to CP. I truly enjoyed your piece on the park and Pink's."

-Dick Kinzel [ CEO, Cedar Fair Entertainment ]


"All the great information, I used to live in Detroit and since I moved I can still stay connected with the website that provides all the new happenings."

-Kathryn Miszewski [ Fountain, MI ]


"Such a nice variety of different things to do."

-Barri Szabo [ Fenton, MI ]


"How they always have the latest everything!"

-Crystal Turbett [ Westland, MI ]


"This is my first exerience with it. Enjoy the format and easy to find things."

-Gail A. Wait [ National City, MI ]


"It keeps me informed of need to know news."

-Candie Coppernoll [ Jackson, MI ]


"I have not been to this site, before. I am not sure how new it is, but I have been spreading the word."

-Robert Baraszu [ Dearborn, MI ]


"A one-stop website. I don't have to search other websites."

-Ron Gosciniak [ Mount Clemens, MI ]


"Very Clean pages show up on-line without all of the ads on the side of the screen. Your directory is full and complete and easy to use."

-Irene Al-azem [ West Bloomfield, MI ]


"I like the free contests as well as how easy it is to find things on the site and moving around on the site."

-Russ O'Neill [ Peterborough, Ont. ]


"I like the news stories and the live interviews with celebrities and events. I can get the latest news and sport scores. The movie reviews are good too. You have a great website, Jason."

-Anna Whitaker [ Northville, MI ]


"It's a combination of items. The variety of sports, weather and news, plus giveaways too the public makes it a great site to be on."

-Darrell Beasley [ Rockwood, TN ]


"It's a pretty awsome website. It let's me have a chance to see what is going on in a place that I've never been before and I like the fact that it's up to date."

-Carmen Harris [ Cornelia, GA ]


"It's easy to keep up with the local activities by checking the site. The contests are great too!"

-Sarah Blower [ Lake Orion, MI ]


"I can always count on them to have the latest news and updates of events going on in Detroit."

-Trisha Weclowski [ Brownstown, MI ]


"It's a great local resource with the news, events and event details."

-Matt Renner [ Novi, MI ]


"It gives my girlfriend and i a very good look at the Hoedown and gives us lots of FYI."

-Daryl Varney [ Detroit, MI ]


"It gives you all different sorts of entertainment and music and fun."

-Adrianna James [ East Lansing, MI ]


"I just love it all!"

-Kayla Grunewald [ Eastpointe, MI ]


"I love getting up to date info about new events going on!"

-Shawn Quint [ Warren, MI ]


"I love this site! I like that I can get a ton of info on upcoming events and I don't have to search, it's all right there!"

-Amy Demmick [ Melvindale, MI ]


"They keep me informed about the best things to come in the detroit area!! Life is much better with"

-Kara Hanford [ Toledo, OH ]


"I love how it brings the city together, unlike other websites."

-James Richardson [ St. Helen, MI ]


"The music, sport and news all on one main page with one click to all info off page."

-Darrell Beasley [ Rockwood, TN ]


" has a lot of great information about Detroit and its surrounding areas!"

-Dina Lindquist [ Farmington Hills, MI ]


"I recently found this website and I personally like all the great information I can find here about Detroit! I have thanked my friend Margo many times for suggesting this site...she also pointed out all your contests. Awesome"

-Chris Fairbairn [ Novi, MI ]


"All the local information on what is happening in Detroit!"

-Margo Schmidt [ Northville, MI ]


"I wanted to let you know I saw your report on Tiger Stadium on YouTube and thought you did a good job with your stories, so I became intriqued and visited yourwebsite, looks like you've done some updates since. Take care and keep up the good work."

-Doug Sokolowski


"I like how they always have free contests. I think that is very nice of them."

-Becky Mosello [ St. Louis, MO ]


"Hockey section, trivia and of course contests to win stuff!"

-Karen Sommers [ Wixom, MI ]


"They give you the best stars and the most up to date information on stars and concerts."

-Ashley Southern [ Webberville, MI ]


"The fact that I can get a heads up on when & where my favorite artist are performing in concert, before they even announce it on the radio."

-Cheryl Robberts [ Northville, MI ]


"I want to thank you for Ashton Shepherd CD, i'm playing it right now and LOVING IT. Thanks again."

-Kelly Crocker [ Elkhart, IN ]


"So informative, love the drawings!"

-Juanita Bruce [ Ypsilanti, MI ]


"I love all the news info we recieve about all the different Country Music stars."

-Brenda Green [ Elyria, OH ]


"The concert directions are always helpfull since I am horrible at remembering how to get to the concert venues and any site that gives away Rilo Kiley tickets is the best as far as im concerned. Iwas shocked to see them on here!! I was cruising around and saw them wow! Thanks guys, it's good to see a band like Rilo Kiley get some face time on a web page."

-Amanda Richendollar [ Sterling, MI ]


"The chance to win free prizes and they always have the answers to my questions."

-Jason Thomas [ River Rouge, MI ]


" always has great entertainment."

-Jacqueline Carpenter [ Jackson, KY ]


"I love how they always havethe best updates and they have it fast.. they are good on bringing you the news and I love how they have prizes that are the best."

-Rachel Ammon [ Macomb, MI ]


"I love the excitement of winning things. I love the hoedown. It's alot of fun."

-Carri Skelton [ Taylor, MI ]


"You have such a complete selection of news and information. Very interesting to read.
Thank you."

-Mary Moore [ Macomb, MI ]


"Up to date coverage. That had all the hoedown artists and times upbefore anyone else did! I love it!!!"

-Erin Goerss [ Ortonville, MI ]


"All the information that is available, it helps a whole lot."

-Joann Guzman [ Detroit, MI ]


"The Restaurant Reviews! I don't want to drive an hour and then drive around looking for a good restaurant for dinner. I like researching your choices! Thanks Beth"

-Beth Van Hamlin [ Flint, MI ]


"I didn't know very much about Detroit until now."

-Vicki L. Burton [ Chattanooga, TN ]


"Well it's a well set out webpage. Easy to find info on it."

-Michael Gurney [ Millicent, South Australia ]


"Information, contests, this site has it all!"

-Stephanie Pizor [ Algonac, MI ]


"The easy accessibility of information!"

-Christopher Currie [ Detroit, MI ]


"I love it all...if there's something I need to find out about or somewhere Id' like to go the first place I check is"

-Mark Hull [ Macomb, MI ]


"The quickest and most accurate information."

-Stephanie Misch [ Clinton Township, MI ]


"Being able to keep up on happenings in Detroit from down here."

-Cynthia Shenr [ Clarksville, IN ]


"Every part is good, but I prefer the sports...always accurate."

-Kristen Hampton [ Oak Park, MI ]


"It's up to the minute info about our city."

-Nancy Torossian [ Plymouth, MI ]


"The huge menu of topics to get information."

-Steven Harnden [ Spanaway, WA ]


"Informative....contests to win something is a nice bonus."

-Raj Mangipudi [ Redford, MI ]


"All the different categories. This site has to offer: News, Weather, Sports, Entertainment...ALL VERY INFORMATIVE."

-Greg Weber [ Livonia, MI ]


"That you offer opportunities for people to win tickets to chill concerts... :]"

-Ilana Riback [ Ann Arbor, MI ]


"It's full of information, right at my fingertips!"

-Winnie Wong [ Novi, MI ]


"It's a great site to find out anything."

-Tracy Armstrong [ Riverview, MI ]


"My favorite part is the trivia section."

-Sherry Brown [ Kalamazoo, MI ]


"The LIVE interviews and everything to keep up with the city so many of my relatives live in."

-Patsy Woodall [ Almo, KY ]


"I check out the track listings & new releases."

-Edith Burch [ Camden, NJ ]


"The fact that you can find info on EVERYTHING that's happening locally."

-John Hill [ Livonia, MI ]


"The website is put together so well."

-Christina Sly [ Enid, OK ]


"Everything. I love"

-Kelsey [ Garden City, MI ]


"I can get the latest updates on everything."

-Tracy Deloach [ Jacksonville, FL ]


"It's a great website. Keeps you up-to-date on what's going on. thanx good bless."

-Jeffrey Paul Stockwell [ Anchorage, AK ]


"I love everything about"

-Christine Perri [ Grosse Pointe Park, MI ]


"I actually like every part of the news, history, science and entertainment."

-Elsie Sutton [ Washington, MO ]


Detroit Science Center's "Our Body" Exhibit

"It's amazing to think they're using human bodies."

-Misti Kane [ Pittsburgh, PA ]


"I love because it has great previews of up and coming singers. This gives me a chance to
look for new artists and watch out for their new albums in the future."

-Susan Caldwell [ Reedsport, OR ]


"That Uncle Kracker has his picture on the first page! :} The information is listed and organized
great and give information to what is offered in the Michigan Community."

-Victoria Lester [ Romeo, MI ]


"Gosh I love it all!"

-Vickie Couturier [ Gilman, VT ]


"Great theatre and movie news and excellent national news coverage."

-Anna Kroger [ Tempe, AZ ]


"I like everything about it."

-Michael Borror [ Flint, MI ]


"Contests and event information in my hometown of Detroit. I go home to see family often and like to see what is going on so I can attend. I now live in the country and there
are not many events like those in good old Detroit!"

-Kim Rodgers [ New Castle, PA ]


"Everything! I love it all!"

-Cynthia Berry [ Quinlan, TX ]


"I like receiving all the
latest local and national news in my inbox with a more personal touch.
Everybody on staff for AmericaJR does a fantastic job! Keep up the good work!"

-Dave Kinney [ Trenton, MI ]


"Thank you for the nice display on your web site in regard to the General
Motors - Chrysler Warren 50th Birthday Bash. I have referred many to it to look at the array of photos."

-Sandra Watts [ WattsUpInc - Event Producer ]


"It's based in Detroit, my fiance is a Michigander, we're still checking out the website."

-Becky Fonseca [ Wallace, ID ]


"What I like about it best is all the information you can go to and get."

-William Mattingly [ Lexington, KY ]


"It's so easy to locate the important information and details I need to know. Great job in putting it
all're awesome. Thanks so very much."

-Theresa Cicilian [ Warren, MI ]


"It is American."

-Michele Roland [ Germantown, MD ]


"I like that it is an informative website but yet it tells you a lot of whats happening in our area."

-LeeAnn Myslicki [ Romulus, MI ]


"What I like about this site is how you can get the latest in the news and the cool contests that you can win."

-Amanda [ Melvin, MI ]


"My favourite part of is the Entertainment listings."

-Rosalia Ricci [ Brantford, Ontario ]


"The New Movie Reviews. I enjoy the insight on new releases."

-Tim Alexander [ Farmington Hills, MI ]


"Very helpful in finding what's going on in the detoit area."

-David Gaudreau [ Windsor, Ontario ]


"All the great information about what is going. And how precise everything is. If I need to know for sure when and were it is even with changes I turn to you guys."

-Alessa Faubert [ Windsor, Ontario ]


"Let's me know what's going on!"

-Tom Treece [ Luna Pier, MI ]


"Lots to read, keeps me busy for a long peroid of time, love the restaurant reviews I have a family of 5 so it helps to know what to expect."

-Carol Cummings [ Livonia, MI ]


"My sister just hooked me up with this so I am new and will be coming back often, the whole thing is so cool, thanks."

-Sheril Ayres [ Clarkston, MI ]


"This website!! It is jam-packed with information!!"

-Alea Shinn [ Canton, MI ]


"Easy to use and plenty of information!"

-Keith Whitten [ Berkley, MI ]


"What's not to like.. Detroit rocks."

-Daniel Tauck [ Romulus, MI ]


"It helps me know what is going on in Detroit and let's me get a look at the weather."

-Chelsea Grzywa [ Southgate, MI ]


"You keep everyone updated with the latest news."

-Sara Lawler [ Hazel Park, MI ]


"What I love about this site is how you can win all these cool contests and get all the latest news."

-Amanda [ Melvin, MI ]


"All the up-to-date information I need right then."

-Sharon Ramon [ Magnolia, TX ]


"It has the news to use."

-Justine Kinch [ Johnson City, TN ]


"It has so much information on different things and its easy to find what ever your looking for."

-Brittney Kerr [ Berkley, MI ]


"I was scanning the internet to see who, if anyone, was talking about our KCQ Country Music Fest Free Concet and stumbled upon your site. Thank you for the coverage. What a fantastic job... and great pictures!"

-Kevin Profitt [ 98.1 FM WKCQ Assistant Program Director ]


"You have the greatest website going so many different and interesting things to view and appreciate."

-Willa Luthi [ Tecumseh, MO ]


"My favorite part would be like the whole site, it's really neat. But really the country part, where I can
look at Gary Allan all day!!! haha."

-Tanya Talbot [ Windsor, Ontario ]


"Your website is my favorite part of the day it's like that first cup of coffee. Do not change nothing. It is perfect."

-Fred Nunnery [ South Lyon, MI ]


"It gives me up to date News."

-Christina Kopin [ Northville, MI ]


"It is full of great information!"

-Jaymie Phillips [ Chelsea, MI ]


" gives you up-to-date reviews on Music and Movies."

-Pamela Greene [ Detroit, MI ]


25th Annual Downtown Hoedown (2007)

"I love AmericaJR because they keep me up to date on everything country in my hometown. My favorite part of AmericaJR is the Hoedown section because the annual Hoedown is one
of my favorite pasttimes and I love being able to come and relive the
excitement with AmericaJR. YALL ROCK."

-Cassie Mason [ Detroit, MI ]


"They have such great coverage of the downtown hoedown every year... I don't even bother with WYCD's website, because yours is so much better!"

-Ellen Waisanen [ Farmington, MI ]


"Actually, I just came here to check out the star line-up for the Hoedown. It is my first Hoedown since moving to Detroit."

-Shelley O'Brien [ Hazel Park, MI ]


"It's got the low-down on the Hoedown...and pretty much everything else."

-Matt Harnos [ Kalamazoo, MI ]


"I got everything I needed to know about Hoedown all from AmericaJR."

-Dawn Getty [ Kingsville, Ontario ]


"My favorite part of AmericaJR is that I knew nothing about the Hoedown. I heard about it and then found this web site. I have asked questions and I have gotten answers. It has been a great
resource for maps and information."

-Rebecca Ladd [ Decatur, IN ]


"Great number of up and coming stars to see."

-Pat Zemlansky [ Akron, OH ]


"Interesting how you had better Downtown Hoedown coverage than the radio station. Very impressive."

-Kimberly Lou Greenhoe [ Lexington, MI ]


"When I am up at school, away from the Detroit radio stations, I know what is coming to the Hoedown
before my listening friends do!"

-Sarah Flatt [ St. Clair Shores, MI ]


"Every year, you are always updated to the latest news that we need to know about the HOEDOWN!!!!"

-Chase [ Monroe, MI ]


"It keeps you updated on all of Detroit's entertainment, such as the Downtown Hoedown."

-Moriah Wilbrink [ Okemos, MI ]


"I love that you update the schedule for the Downtown Hoedown before the radio station. I always
check here everyday to see who has been added to the list of performers."

-Nicole Lowe [ Howell, MI ]


"My favorite part of AmericaJR is that I knew nothing about the hoedown. I heard about it and then
found this web site. I have asked questions and I have gotten answers. It has been a great
resource for maps and information."

-Rebecca Ladd [ Decatur, IN ]


"Enjoying the music and the beautiful city scenery with fellow country fans!"

-Angela Jacocks [ Richmond Heights, OH ]


"I love the Concert Listing and that you have better Hoedown info than even the radio station."

-Kim Noel [ Southgate, MI ]


"1st time attending this year and can't wait."

-Teresa Spoelhof [ Hudsonville, MI ]


"It combines two of my absolute favorite things...FREE & COUNTRY MUSIC!!!"

-Laura Smith [ Frankton, IN ]


"All the early info on the Hoedown!!!"

-Shauna Benjamin [ Westland, MI ]


"Being able to see all the great country singers before they make it big. And some of the big
names going to be there also!!"

-Coleen Clink [ Lincoln, MI ]


"This will be our first year attending."

-Sandra Vandewege [ Hamilton, MI ]


"I just discovered it while searching for something on the web. The contests seem pretty good."

-Louise Liegel [ Green Brook, NJ ]


"THE HOEDOWN UPDATES!!! I am super excited for this year's hoedown and even have my sister recruited to come with me!"

-Jill Duslak [ Martin, OH ]


"I attend the Downtown Hoedown every year! I am coming from the Cincinnati area and I love the
atmosphere and wide variety of singers that are booked! I have
bookmarked on my favorite so I can keep up to date with all the info.
Love what you people do!"

-Trish Shattuck [ Blanchester, OH ]


"I love the wide arrangement of information and fun links to visit! Great work!"

-Hayley John [ Jamestown, ND ]


"Entertainment Index, and Hoedown entertainment line-up. I swear, I can't find info on any of this anywhere else. I always can count on this website to let me know what's
happening with the Hoedown, and all concerts coming to town. Where the other
websites that actually sponcer these events doesn't even provide the info.
Great job."

-Cheryl Robberts [ Northville, MI ]


"I like cause the web site has so much up to date information."

-Christine Bernier [ Warren, MI ]


"I Love the news, interesting links, and of course, the ticket giveaways!"

-Autumn Garchow [ Essexville, MI ]


"AMERICAJR means All Messages, Extra Reviews, Incredible Contests And Just"

-Patricia Wartella [ Sterling Heights, MI ]


"It's THE site for News & entertainment :)"

-Ananthanand Moodbidri [ Detroit, MI ]


"I love all of it. It is a great site."

-Joe Battani [ Sylvania, OH ]


"Everything that's anything that's going on... Entertainment, Detroit News, and Sports."

-Katie Wilder [ Ann Arbor, MI ]


"I think it is all very well done. Extremely weel laid out website."

-Patrick Carlisle [ Toledo, OH ]


"They give me the chance to win tickets to events where nobody else does."

-Ann Croly [ Ada, MI ]


"Any time I need to know what is going on in the City.... this is where I look!"

-D.M. Hall [ Saginaw, MI ]


"The updates on what's going on around town."

-Sommer LaPlante [ Clinton Township, MI ]


"My favorite part is the Weather and the Sports index, and the Jeopardy! trivia."

-Teyan Harris [ Southfield, MI ]


"Up-to-date News and Weather and the opportunity to win free tickets to the NAIAS! Thank

-Eric Raush [ Shelby Twp., MI ]


"My favorite part is the New Movie Releases."

-Alice Rowe [ Detroit, MI ]


"Very informative coverage of previous events....NAIAS, Hockey, Auto Racing..."

-Frank Rzucidlo [ Livonia, MI ]


"This is my first time on this site, but it seems like there's a lot of fun things going on, lookin'
forword to visiting it more now that I know its here. ;)"

-Kristy Caudill [ Hartland, MI ]


"I am absolutely loving the New Movie Release section. My husband and I are movie lovers and your
section always keeps us up on the new ones coming out."

-Linda Leonard [ Lathrup Village, MI ]


"The many reviews you can scan through so you don't waste time or money on movies and stuff like that."

-Jacquelene Bennington [ Plymouth, MI ]


"Very easy to navigate."

-Anand Divecha [ Auburn Hills, MI ]


"It gives current news and is entertaining to listen to."

-Jimmie Mo [ Sterling Heights, MI ]


" has ever thing you need as far as information. for all local happenings
check out"

-Dennis White [ Clinton Twp., MI ]


"I like the weather features and forecasts."

-Henry Indyk [ Detroit, MI ]


"I just learned about this website and I like it cause its something new. There's no pop up bs or
anything and its got Toby Keith!!"

-Arionna Spears [ Syracuse, NY ]


"My favorite part is that it is easy and friendly to use. Not to complicated like some other websites."

-Karina Alcala [ Southgate, MI ]


"The best place with the biggest heart."

-Laura Hoover [ Amarillo, TX ]


"Detroit # 1 Website that keeps me informed of all the activities going on in my hometown and allows to make plans....without them I would be bored."

-Jason Tzafaroglou [ St. Clair Shores, MI ]


"Keeping everyone up to date on the latest in Detroit, MI. A great undiscovered American City."

-Roger Hansen [ Ferndale, MI ]


"All of the useful information. It really sheds good light on our beautiful city of Detroit."

-Jesse Masterson [ Sterling Heights, MI ]


" has all the information I need!"

-Kathleen Mavis [ Clinton Township, MI ]


"It keeps me up to date on Sports, Entertainment and News."

-Sara Rummell [ Bowerston, OH ]


"My favorite part about AmericaJR is all the Contests to enter!"

-Danielle Kozicki [ Dearborn, MI ]


"The Sports coverage is fantastic!!"

-Bradley Marzec [ Rossford, OH ]


"They give alway lot of FREE STUFF!"

-Pamela Panagos [ Livonia, MI ]


"Loads of information right at your fingertips."

-Vickie Holland [ Bessemer City, NC ]


"It is a great place to find what ever you need to know."

-Diane Weinberg [ Washington, MI ]


"Finding out whats happening around the Detroit area and entering the contests."

-Tara Brennan [ Lexington, KY ]


"I depend on the reviews! I am always satisfied with your top picks."

-Mary Fleezanis [ Dearborn, MI ]


"It's all great but I like the trivia athe best."

-John Pratt [ Washington, D.C. ]


"It is very convenient to use and always has complete information about what's going on in metro Detroit!"

-Anne Runkle [ Livonia, MI ]


"Well it has always been the look of the site and the information it contains - i really love the way that the site is colorful and gives off an energy of its own - great job!"

-Shellie Brandt [ Coos Bay, OR ]


"I like alot of things - sports, entertainment, contests, concerts, restaurants, etc."

-Sandra Hill [ Livonia, MI ]


"The fact that the people you are watching can be the next biggest hit in America!"

-Kristine Sokoll [ Clarkston, MI ]


"The chances to win great prizes through Detroit's Number One Site!!!!!"

-Nichole Phillips [ Amherstburg, Ont. ]


"My favorite Part is that I can find all my favorite artist's info and i can see upcoming shows in my area! thanks guys, keep up the great work!"

-Kelsey Ross [ Canton, MI ]


"It has all the info I need at my finger tips!"

-Kathleen Mavis [ Clinton Twp., MI ]


"I love how they have all the info I need!"

-Raquel Martinez [ Brownstown, MI ]


"I love the entertainment section! By checking what's going on through, I can always know what's going on for something fun to do."

-Lisa Stein [ Trenton, MI ]


"The website is very easy to navigate and I can easily find all the information I'm looking for!"

-Danielle Gerstenberger [ Port Huron, MI ]


"All the information given helping people know what is going on!"

-Ashley [ Detroit, MI ]



-Heather Palmer [ Whitmore Lake, MI ]


"The chance to win an autograph. plus sports and entertainment news...."

-Jeff Rennells [ Whitmore Lake, MI ]


"I really think you have a cool site with great design and some great ideas. The intro is pretty amazed. Besides the nice look it is extremely easy to manage and navigate. You should be proud to have such quality on your site, but I like the section more "Entertainment."

-Antonio Rocha [ Carnaxide, Portugal ]


"I love this site because it gives so much useful information you need to know. Its a well put together web site. On your toes on what's going on. Thank you. Plus, you also can win really good prizes."

-Linda Miller [ Lincoln Park, MI ]


"I love the whole site, the best part is the way it stays updated, I always find the info I am looking for."

-Tina [ Taylor, MI ]


"The great information available, just a click away."

-Andrea Fritz [ Pinckney, MI ]


"The contests!! I'm in Michigan for the next few weeks, work related, so I hope I win!!"

-Trish Jackson [ Burlington, NC ]


"Very Informative on the happenings in Detroit. Thank You!"

-Laurie Dodson [ Brown City, MI ]


"The Entertainment section. It is always current and updated. Very hard to beat."

-Judy Mann [ Livonia, MI ]


2006 Downtown Hoedown

"Great information on the Downtown Hoedown that I could not find anywhere else."

-Renee Carrico [ Ypsilanti, MI ]


"I found a detailed schedule for the 2006 Hoedown."

-Mark Dobson [ Allen Park, MI ]


"I love being able to look up all different information about the stars."

-Lori Moore [ Davisburg, MI ]


"I love all the articles and updated news that is going on for the Hoedown!"

-Gail VanOverbeke [ Clinton Twp., MI ]


"I really like that I can see the line-up for the hoedown, it's really helpful =)"

-Aryka W. [ Roseville, MI ]

"My favorite part is how much info is available at my fingertips, such as the time schedules for the artists at the Downtown Hoedown"

-Maria Talbot [ Harrow, Ont. ]


"I love that it's red, white and blue, representing country music and the U.S.A!!! I also love the up-to-date info, expecially on the Hoedown! I love the Hoedown Artist Profiles you featured like Josh Turner's! It was awesome!"

-Jaime Diekman [ Newport, MI ]


"The up to date information about everything country!!"

-Joyce Lindemyer [ Warren, MI ]


"My daughter and her cousin's excitement and planning to make this event the Hoedown a family
tradition. "

-Brenda Peychich [ Madison Heights, MI ]


"Enjoyed meeting you the other day at the Hoedown. Too bad we were both so busy and didn't have much time to chat. Just wanted to let you know that I checked out and was impressed by what I saw, particularly all the hard work you put into the Hoedown coverage. You posted an amazing amount of content in a very short period of time, and all of it had lots of life and immediacy. You must have been exhausted by late Sunday night! Again, great job. I like your site and I will be returning to check it out again."

-Greg Crawford [ Detroit Free Press ]

"It has the BEST stuff! =)
And I got all of my information for the Downtown Hoe Down on this site,
and that makes me VERY happy!! because now, I get to go and have a BLAST in
downtown detroit this weekend!"

-Brittney Jobak [ Rochester Hills, MI ]


"The amount of information at my fingertips is great, the only place that I could find the time schedules for the artists at the Downtown Hoedown. I've bookmarked this website!!"

-Maria Talbot [ Harrow, Ontario ]


"At this time of year my favorite part of AmericaJR is the coverage for the Downtown Hoedown. Looking forward to another great time again this year!!"

-Tim Burr [ Canton, MI ]


"My favourite part of is the way you can keep not only myself, but my kids interested in reading your articles. It's not too often that a nine year old will read the news! Every night after school, she logs on to your web site to read up on her favourite country stars and I always know that I can trust your site to deliver quality news, interviews, and photos."

-Ann Marie Vancoillie [ Wallaceburg, Ontario ]


"The information. has the latest and greatest info on the Hoedown every year."

-Nicole Jennings [ Wayne, MI ]


"I really like the 2006 Hoedown musical lineup. I will be attending for the first time this year."

-Marsha Smith [ Willowick, OH ]

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"The Inspector General" Contest

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Bonstelle Theatre Contest

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My New Favorite Detroit News Site

" is arguably the hottest up-and-coming paper in Detroit since the Journal. Hyperbole? Maybe, but speaking as someone who has written news, opinion, and reviews for periodicals, and who occasionally finds the time to annotate and upload photo galleries, I have to hand it to Jason Rzucidlo and his staff. I particularly recommend the Pictures section. Some of the photos could use a little brightness and color tweaking, but it’s still really cool.

I can’t believe that he’s kept it going for five years [I’m not sure how old he is, but if I had to guess based on the photos he turns up in, I would guess that, at his age, I would’ve gotten bored with it at five days]. I also can’t believe that I didn’t find this sooner [I was googling “Wonderland Mall Livonia” to see if it was still open, and AmericaJR’s articles were listed just below the Detroit News]."


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