Movie Review: “Going in Style” provides lots of laughs

Zach Braff’s remake of “Going in Style” is great.  Former factory workers, Michael Caine (Joe), Morgan Freeman (Willie), and Alan Arkin (Albert) star as three old geezers who rob a bank.  Their choice was made when Joe finds out he will be losing his house to foreclosure in 30 days.  While at the bank, there is a robbery in progress but the robber spares his life because his is an elder.  Then, the threesome learn that they are all losing their pensions.

Joe, then, persuades his pals to rob a bank.  He hires a “low-life bad guy” (John Ortiz)  to help teach them how to do it right.  “The first rule is never to rob a bank where you are a member of,” says Ortiz.   WRONG!  They do it anyway.

There are a few sub-plots in the movie.  First, Willie is in need of a kidney but doesn’t want to bother his pals. Secondly, Christopher Lloyd (Milton) had dementia, and finally, Ann-Margret (Annie) falls for Albert in the supermarket where she works.

The whole movie is a comedy.  All three actors (Freeman, Caine and Arkin) are Oscar winners.  It is great to see a lot of familiar faces in one movie.  I enjoyed “Going in Style” a whole lot.  It’s a good family-friendly movie.  I would highly recommend it.

OVERALL GRADE: 5/5 stars *****


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