Citroën unveils its own vision of urban mobility with its Ami One Concept

Citroën Ami One Concept

GENEVA — Citroën is perpetuating 100 years of innovation and boldness dedicated to the freedom of movement with the presentation at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show of Ami One Concept, a disruptive all-electric object that places digital technology at the heart of a new experience of urban mobility affording more freedom and peace of mind. Faithful to the Brand baseline “Inspired by You”, Ami One Concept is the response to new customer behaviour and the challenge of the energy transition in the city. The concept illustrates Citroën’s vision of freedom in the city expressed by #LibertyElectriCityMobility: freedom of use for everyone, freedom of movement and freedom to be modern.

“Ami One Concept” by Citroën

Citroën’s vision of urban mobility is part of a 100% digitalised and customised customer journey focused on seamlessness, ease and freedom of use.
With this new and unique urban mobility object – a new field of exploration for Citroën as part of its energy transition – the Brand is aiming to free up individual mobility in the city. Citroën designed Ami One Concept as an alternative to public transport (bus, tramway, metro) and other individual, two-wheeler means of transport such as bikes, scooters and kick scooters. An ultra-compact (2.50 m long) two-seater concept vehicle bringing occupants impressive agility in urban environments, Ami One Concept also conveys robustness through its body styling. The closed cabin protects occupants in the event of bad weather. The architecture and design, both informed by function and usage, enable users to explore a new driving experience. Accessible for all from the age of 16 (European countries average/according to the legislation), Ami One Concept is intended for urban customers with or without a driver’s licence and who share with the Brand the same love for the freedom of movement.
Faithful to the Brand baseline “Inspired by You” and 100% connected, Ami One Concept is based on a 100% digital ecosystem from the discovery of the vehicle through to its use. The ecosystem offers an innovative “on demand” customer experience applying to each step (online presentation, test drive request, service configuration, reservation and delivery) and enables customers to easily choose the period of use most suited to their needs. The digital experience continues with a special mobile app for managing the vehicle and journeys.

With the concept vehicle, the Brand is presenting a 100% electric urban mobility solution. Ami One Concept is freedom by Citroën! Responding to the expectations of urban customers and offering true ease in use, AMI ONE CONCEPT simplifies travel for two, especially in the restricted areas of city centres.
Zero CO2 emissions
Positing a new form of mobility and responding to current and future urban issues, Ami One Concept is fully in step with changes in society. Ami One Concept is an all-electric vehicle able to access all city areas while respecting the environment and offering controlled cost in use. Perfectly adapted to urban life in perpetual motion, Ami One Concept reaches a top speed of 45 km/h with zero CO2 emissions. With a range of 100 km, Ami One Concept can make numerous city trips, be they for one-off meetings or daily commutes. The lithium-ion battery, stored flat under the floor, is easily charged with an electric cable. Plugged into a public station or a Wallbox, a complete charge takes just 2 hours. Ami One Concept can also be plugged into a standard socket at home using an extension cable.
Silent in use
Silent inside thanks to its 100% electric technology, Ami One Concept is also safe as regards the exterior environment. It is equipped with its own sound signature, developed by the Start-Rec agency with the designers of the Citroën brand. The sounds emitted by Ami One Concept reflect all of its personality. It features original and organic music blending male and female voices, worlds away from the digital cliché of the “robot”. Firmly setting the vehicle apart, the sound identity, formed by a sequence of notes that change according to speed, also complies with European regulation introduced on 1 January 2019. For reasons of safety, all electric vehicles must now be equipped with an artificial sound at low speeds to warn pedestrians of their approach. 
A singular mobility object designed for urban driving, Ami One Concept features a cube-shaped body and ultra-compact dimensions. Standing assertively on its specially designed four-spoke 18-inch wheels and as if sculpted from a solid block measuring 2.50 m long and 1.50 m high, Ami One Concept is eminently reassuring. It exudes an impression of robustness and promises top-level agility and manoeuvrability as well as great parking facilities.
Ingenious functionalities and technologies are laid out on either side of the “Drive-Pod”, home to intuitive controls for all driving functions.
Ami One Concept is a 100% connected urban mobility object in which the smartphone is central to the man-machine interfaceand makes driving intuitive and serene. Motorists access Ami One Concept using their smartphones. The doors lock and unlock via a QR code on the aluminium base of the door handles. Once inside, drivers place their phone in front of them in a dedicated area. With their telephone stored in this wireless induction charging area, the conversation between Ami One Concept and the driver may begin. Depending on the app used, the screen display is in bubble form, projected on the reflection panel in the driver’s field of vision as with a head-up display system. Advanced functions such as infotainment and navigation may be used in addition to regulation-required driving instruments to further enhance the driving experience. The man-machine interface on Ami One Concept was designed as a personal assistant for optimised interaction with the driver. The interface is controlled using two buttons mounted on the steering wheel: a voice command to call the assistant and a drop-down menu for browsing apps.
Intuitive and purely designed, the instrument cluster comprising a 5-inch screen is focused on useful driving information (speed, indicators, etc.). The display graphics echo the touches of colour on the cabin fabrics (Orange Mécanique and Out of the Blue) and feature two special fonts: one more natural and the other more technological, inspired by the cube shapes of Ami One Concept and Citroën’s historical chevrons, used notably for the speedometer. The humanised graphic interface comprises stylised eyes with the aim of transmitting emotion and establishing a special dialogue with the user (warning, questioning, etc.).
To the right of the “Drive-Pod”, a cylinder houses the start button, warning button, automatic gearbox selector and a Bluetooth speaker with a volume control.
Style has been key to the image of the Citroën brand for 100 years, because a Citroën car is always instantly recognisable. The Brand’s history has been marked by singular body styles, from the Traction Avant to New C5 Aircross SUV and including the 2CV, Ami 6 and CX. The new concept vehicle is part of that tradition. Ami One Concept rewrites the rule book with its creative universe. With its pure shapes and original graphic approach, the first view of the two-seater concept vehicle creates a sense both of surprise and attachment.
Easy and ultra-virtuous to produce, Ami One Concept has everything it takes to become “popular” in the city. An urban mobility object boasting design intelligence and economy, it gives rise to new possibilities through its symmetrical parts. These include fully identical doors on the right and left, resulting in different opening directions, rear-hinged on the driver’s side for better access and conventional on the passenger side; front and rear ends with repeated components assembled in an inverted manner (plate on the upper part of the front and the lower part of the rear); identical bumpers (partly concealed on the front and open on the rear to display the registration plate); identical wings set diagonally against the buffers both front and rear; identical rocker panels on the right and left; reversible DRLs and rear lights on the left and right; and four parts composing the door mirrors and door handles involving different assembly directions. Each part of the vehicle body is robust, easy to assemble and assembled with peerless quality. Inside, the cabin has been rationalised in terms of the number of materials and the finish, consistent with the intelligent spirit central to the design process of the concept.
The new Citroën range expresses all its power and harmony in particular through the design of the front end, distinguished by a two-tier light signature with a strong horizontal emphasis introduced in 2013. Ami One Concept modernises Citroën’s identity with a new light signature that is more refined, graphic and high-tech, directly inspired by the CXperience concept car. The new front end keeps the two tiers, which are subtly brought together by a V-shaped light strip, giving Ami One Concept an expressive front end enhanced by this elegant styling approach. With their floating structure, the DRLs and indicators lend a touch of finesse that sets Ami One Concept apart and makes it immediately recognisable. This design theme also features on the rear lights (see below), boosting both the harmony of the object and Brand awareness.
Ami One Concept is as original inside as it is outside! The cabin’s next-gen design confirms the inspiration from other sectors, promising a disruptive and eminently comfortable urban drive.
Ami One Concept embodies a modern vision of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. In addition to a silent drive and meticulous work on materials, the cabin is bathed in light thanks to extensive glazed surfaces, including the windscreen, side windows and rear window.
The cabin is agreeably spacious and strong on functionality. The designers of Ami One Concept have created an asymmetrical layout for the driver’s seat (on rails) and the passenger seat (fixed). This set-up creates extra shoulder room and ease of movement for both occupants. Ami One Concept invites occupants to tour the cityscape amid an energising atmosphere. The generous seat cushions and head rests stand out with deep blue fabric inspired by easy-maintenance outdoor furniture and enhanced by orange elastic. The openwork, sculpted appearance of the seat backs showcases the Out of the Blue colour on the front, which harmonises with the Orange Mécanique colour on the back. Welcoming and providing both support and softness, the caning technique developed by Studio Plott comprises a cube pattern, also featuring in a reinterpreted guise on the grey floor mats.
The merchandising designed for Ami One Concept shares the same promises and colours:
– #RUN: a wind-breaker developed in partnership with the French brand Back to Alaska in a light and breathable fabric;
– #LISTEN: a 5W Bluetooth portable speaker, ideal for journeys and easy to install;
– #DRIVE: a key ring with the same shape and material as the door handle;
– #PLUG: a charging cable compatible with iOS and Android, vital to staying connected;
– #CARE: a silicone smartphone case developed in partnership with the Bone brand offering maximum protection for dropped devices;
– #CHARGE: an origami solar miniature car created in partnership with the French company Litogami. The car charges in the day time and can run for 25 minutes after spending the day by the window in the sunlight;
– #PLAY: a metal 1:43 scale miniature that will delight collectors.

Source: Citroën

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