Attendees enjoy 2019 Movement Electronic Music Festival at Detroit’s Hart Plaza

Techno fans at the 2019 Movement festival, which was held at Detroit's Hart Plaza over Memorial Day weekend. (Photo by Kent Koller/AmericaJR)

DETROIT — As I found myself having a difficult time to place words upon a festival that means so many different things to so many different people, I decided to let them speak for themselves.

Can you describe what Movement Music Festival is to someone who’s never been here? 

“It’s 3 days of peace and dubstep.” – Tom

“This is family.  It’s a family-reunion.  I see these people every year, and it’s always what I look forward to, more than any other event.” – Samantha

“I’ve never been here before and I didn’t know what to expect.  It has exceeded my expectations in almost every way.  The music is great, the people are happy, and there’s even places to relax and take a break if you need it.  Will be coming back hopefully every year.”  – Teja

“Just look around.  People are chill.  It’s dope.  Fans of electronic music are bringing their kids now. It’s multi-generational.  And don’t forget Techno Grandma.” – Antonio

“Detroit is the heart of electronic music in the United States, if not the world.  If there is one festival that brings all of what is great about Detroit and Techno together, it’s here, right now, at Movement.” – Jackie

“If it wasn’t for this festival, I don’t know where I’d be right now.  This is where the magic happens.” – Sean

“I’ve been coming here since the early days, back when it was free.  Things have changed. But, with growth comes change.  The music still rocks.  It is the foundation for what we come for.” – Terry

“I love seeing the youth and what is popular.  This is the festival for that.  It makes me feel young all over again.” – Holly

“It’s Cheez Whiz my man!” – Unknown, he was walking too quickly

“This is a festival that brings the best combination of local and internationally known electronic music and more.  Great food options, plenty of parking outside the festival.  I’d say come here and expect to have a great time!” – TJ

“I’m actually not a big fan of Techno music.  But the party is what keeps me coming back.  They have a bunch of great after parties, too, around the city.” – Stylez “with a Z”

Give me one memory that sticks out from Movement?

“The first year I came, being shoulder to shoulder with people near the main stage, I felt safer than I ever have.  It was like we all became one person.” – Serena

“The clouds.  The clouds are the best, man.” – Michaela

“Somebody paid for my pizza when I lost my credit card.  That is good people.”  – Trey

“I remember seeing someone get sick, and the security, along with paramedics went above and beyond to assure they got back to health.  A lot of places they just drag them out.”  – Jorge

“Richie Hawtin!!  Saw him a couple years ago.  Blew my mind.” – Bailey

“Well, I burnt my mouth on the best wood-fired pizza on the planet, on multiple occasions.  But it was worth it!” – Travis

“At night, this place lights up.  It’s like Disney World for adults.  Walking into the main pit (main stage) is like a different world.” – Justine

“I met my wife here.  This is part of our lives, it’s like an anniversary party every year.” – Erik

“There was this dude, just walking around giving out free photos of people, like professional photos, and he looked a lot like you!” – Bree

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