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Erik Estrada & Laura McKenzie, “Girl Meets World” stars Rowan Blanchard & August Maturo, pop/rock group R5 and “Young and the Restless” star Kate Linder

Lily Tomlin [.MOV]

Jeff Daniels interview #2 [.MOV]

Arnold Schwarzenegger speech [.MOV]

Michael Moore speech [.MOV]

Patricia Heaton & “The Middle” interviews [.MOV]

Geena Davis [.MOV]

Dr. Phil interview [MP3]

Drew Barrymore interview [.MOV]

Bob Saget interview [MP3]

Amanda Bynes interview [MP3]

Jeff Daniels interview [.MOV]

Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz interview [MP3]

Al Roker interview [MP3]

Al Roker interview #2 [.MOV]

Ann Curry interview [.MOV]

Dan Rather interview [.MOV]

Michael Landon Jr. interview [WAV]

Jerry Springer speech [.MOV]

Dave Coulier interview [MP3]

Spencer Grammer interview (ABC Family’s “GREEK”) [.MOV]

Actor Nicholas Downs interview [.MOV]

Charlie Daniels interview [MP3]

Randy Owen (of Alabama) interview [.MOV]

Sugarland interview [MP3]

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